Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And he is gone again...

Rambling post

Just me and the kiddos again. (sigh)

No worries it's only for a week and then another week later this month. For those doing the math, yes I am due to give birth soon and hope that he will be here for it. My mother flies in the last week of June to help out with Wee Man and Lil Kiwi when I go to the hospital.

Still no name... Running out of time? Yes, but I have faith that she will have a name soon.

This also means that it's almost time to move. So not looking forward to moving again specially during the middle of Summer but it's just how things worked out. On a positive note the huge swing set in the backyard is finally G-O-N-E! We had given it away last year but the family that took it brought it back (with the understanding they would get it a month later) they finally came and got it a few days ago. Yipppee!

Have an appointment tomorrow so need to get some things together and then some sleep.


  1. I'm glad you have the peace of knowing your mom will be there when it's time for you to have the baby. I never had a name until they were born either. It will come to you, and it will be perfect!

    Now catch those zzzzzzz's.

  2. *Hugs* It's good your mom will be there! If we had a girl the second time around her name would have been Amelia, Mia for short!
    Sleep tight!

  3. That is awesome that your mom will be there to help out. I agree with you moving in the summer stinks. We moved last July and it was so hot so I wish you luck. Try to stay cool if that is at all possible. Good luck with the new little one also once she arrives.

  4. I'm glad your mom will be there, but I sure hope DH makes it back in time for the baby!

    Good luck with baby names! Mike and I have never had more than one name we could agree on - and with Lily it got down to the wire!

  5. good luck--I'll be watching for the arrival of the little one.

  6. Sorry he is gone again, but glad he will be home soon!
    So excited for your new arrival! Baby names are tough; I think Connor didn't have his name until weeks before he was born. =) Good luck with that!
    Glad your mom will be there to help!!

  7. I hope all is going well with the pregnancy and your own health. As others have said, so glad your mom is coming, and glad Daddy will be back home soon!

  8. You disappeared again? I hope everything is going well! *Hugs*