Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wee Updates

Just under a week left to visit with my family. The kids are loving seeing everyone and warming up to people fairly quickly. Wee Man is handling it much better than Lil Kiwi but she is doing a wonderful job.
She is taking to some family members more than others but for the most part being friendly to everyone. In fact, this evening she was sitting on the couch coloring with her Poppy. (all together now... AWWW)

I am also remembering what I loved about this state and what I loathe.... My parents still laugh at me when I call for "HELP" when I see a (gulp) cockroach. gross.... yuck.... ewww

They think it odd for me to be scared of them after all the weird things I have done. It's simple.... They FLY, can live without their head for two weeks, FLY, will be the last things on Earth to survive everything, and hmmm yeah they fly...

One of the problems I already see about getting back home is getting the kids back on a normal schedule. I'm already trying but Lil Kiwi is fighting it. (sigh)

Any advice?..... Tips..... Tricks.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gone for two weeks

Yep... Part of the Shenanigans household will be gone and visiting family. I am not sure how often I will be able to get to a computer while gone; so doubt I will be posting.

Which means all reviews, giveaways, and general rambling will continue as soon as we get back. There is one giveaway going on for a $40 gift certificate to CSN that ends on June 18th so be sure to enter.

Nothing else to say other than.... I finally get to see my family!!!! Can not express how excited I am to see them after all these years...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long over due

Okay so you know that soon we will be moving basically cross country via vehicle with the kids. However, this weekend I will be flying with both of them by myself. Help me because I'm a nervous wreck!

I'm so excited and yet nervous at the same time... This will be the first time in over four years that I will get to see my brother and father. The last time was before we moved here and it's been forever it seems. What I'm nervous about is the long plane trip with two kids and then all the "things" we will need.
  • car seat/booster for Wee Man
  • place for Lil Kiwi to sleep (still in crib at this point)
  • me being able to survive the plane trip
  • etc....
At least I will have Lil Kiwi in her car seat so that isn't a problem. In fact, I am using the same gogo Kidz Travelmate that I used when Wee Man and I flew many years ago. If you fly with a young child that will be in their car seat you need to get your hands on this item because honestly it will save you time and gray hairs. After the trip I will have to post photos of Lil Kiwi in her car seat turned stroller. Lifesaver I am telling you.

Now I just need to get things in order since DH will also be leaving the house but not flying with us. Trying to think of everything the house sitter will need to know about the dogs. Yes... Yes we do have someone coming to stay with the dogs (not really to watch the house)... Spoiled pooches....

Okay, I am off to make a packing list.... Great now I'm worried about handling two kids AND luggage...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cupcakes, Treats, and Birthdays oh my

With everything going on we decided to celebrate Wee Man's birthday tomorrow instead of on his actual birthday. What started off as just a few people at Chuck E Cheese has turned into a full on neighborhood party. I just finished with the grab bags and now have to decided what to tackle next...

The coolers and mini fridge are full of drinks for young to adult. Hotdogs are being cooked tomorrow at the party. That leaves me with two batches of rice krispies treats to make and about 4-5 dozen cupcakes to make and frost. Anyone want to help?


Guess I'm off to tackle the cupcakes. Oh and do not tell any of the party goers but I'm using boxed mixes! The horror I know..... but..... I just can not deal with making that many from scratch right now. Although there are a few young ones coming so I'm tempted to make applesauce cupcakes for them. (shrug) we shall see....

Now if it will just not rain tomorrow....

OH and I need tips for decorating the cupcakes... I just slap on the frosting and make them pretty but DH brought home some fancy application tipped bottle of frosting thingy...mmm yeah HELP ME!

Friday, June 4, 2010

CSN.com Giftcard Giveaway

So..... Have you looked at the CSN.com website yet? From bedroom furniture and barstools to lighting and toys, CSN has 200+ e-boutiques and over 1 million items to help you find what you're looking for, fast!There is bound to be something that caught your interest in one of the over 200 stores.

I already showed you some of the solar lighting I'm thinking about getting when we finally get to the new place. Secretly, I love the Casablanca ceiling fan and can only dream of having a house castle to put it in.
 Here's your chance to try CSN.com and get the item you have your eye on.

A Gift certificate for $40 to any of the CSN.com stores

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Good Luck to everyone

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