Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Baby Products Carnival

The Best Baby Products Carnival is fast approaching at and she has some amazing companies lined up with more adding all the time. Check out this impressive list:
  • Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller
  • Ergo Heart 2 Heart
  • O Yikes!
  • Moon Over Maize
  • HappyBaby Meals
  • Playskool
  • Two Tinas
  • The Sofia Valeria Collection
  • Designs By Dad
  • Smart Mom Jewelry
  • Little Luvee
  • Happy Panda Baby

Oh and if you didn't know September is when her third wee baby girl will be joining the world... So, even if you don't want to enter for some truly wonderful products; head on over there and welcome the wee baby... Best Baby Products Carnival

Sunday, August 30, 2009 Business Card Giveaway

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With Wee Man starting Kindergarten this week; I was up at the school to meet the teacher and tour the school. This also meant I was running into a lot of other parents and trying to exchange contact information in the rush of the tour. It would have been wonderful if I had some Mommy business/play cards to hand out.
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Good Luck to everyone...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Mystery Bone

Last Wednesday I was at the Orthopedic Specialist with Lil Kiwi and missed visiting everyones WW (frown)... I wrote about Lil Kiwi's visit to Dr. D and said that I would try to post pictures of the X-Rays... Well, this was the best I could do and it wasn't easy since I don't have a light board to use...
What you see is Lil Kiwi's X-Ray of her hips... There is what looks like an extra bone (with growth plate) from her left hip to groin area... Dr. D has never seen or heard of this and so we are waiting for a CT scan to find out more about the extra bone... Currently, Dr. D believes it could possibly be an extra Femur and that isn't good... Oh and I included the X-Ray of Lil Kiwi's small toe.. You can see that the Metatarsal of the fourth digit is much smaller...Hmm I guess this was a Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lil Kiwi Medical Wonder or Medical Mystery

So, on Wednesday we headed into town to see a new specialist. Our PCM (primary care manager ie. Military doctor) couldn't decide if Lil Kiwi needed to see an Orthopedic or a Genetics Doctor so she left it up to the Orthopedic Doctor (we will call her Dr. D) to decide. How nice right.. Can you feel the love...
Anyway....Here is how the day went...
  • Leave at 8:30am and get to the Hospital around 10:00...
  • Problem with insurance and the hospital
  • Several phone calls and a lot of waiting but get it taken care
  • Finally get to see Dr. D at about noon...
  • She looked and listened..
  • Then it was off to take some X-Rays...
  • Return and have X-rays looked at..
  • Hear "Aaaaa" from the Dr. D (this is never a good thing)
  • Talk about the results (the good ones and the bad ones)
  • Confirm that more tests are needed (including CT scan)
  • Confirm that a Genetics visit is needed
  • Leave hospital around 3:00pm and head home

What are the results from the X-rays? Well, we now know that I'm not crazy and there is something wrong with Lil Kiwi's body and skeletal system... The X-rays showed something that the Orthopedic Specialist has never SEEN or HEARD of before... (deep breath to keep head from swimming)

Yes, you read that correctly.... Lil Kiwi has a medical issue that hasn't been seen by this hospital which specializes in this area... Dr. D isn't sure exactly how to proceed minus more tests and seeing where to go from there... I was going to try and take pictures of the x-rays but honestly I don't have the heart to look at them right now....

I've already got the appointment with the "insurance approved" Genetics Doctor for the end of September (that being the soonest they can see us) ... My PCM still hasn't called me back after all my calls but then again she never does... However, Monday I have an appointment for Wee Man with her so she will get an earful from me...

Oh and Thursday we had Lil Kiwi's VCUG and ultrasound done... It was the first time we had been to this Hospital and it was actually a very nice visit... While in the waiting room Lil Kiwi had almost everyones attention and when we were called back half the waiting room was waving and saying goodbye to her... She has that aura about her...

Thursday was also the first time I have ever gotten a "shocked" look about Lil Kiwi's physical issues... Just after the VCUG test we were getting her redressed and the towel that was around her fell down... I heard a "gasp" and looked over to one of the nurses that had been helping... She stood there with her mouth open and fixed eyes on Lil Kiwi... I smiled and said "Yes Lil Kiwi has a few other issues as well... her tushie is just one of them"... She blinked a few times and then nodded and walked back to the lab area...

Unofficially, the results are that the surgery worked and no more reflux (YEAH!) .... However, there is still another problem (maybe) ... We don't find out officially until her recheck appointment in September with Dr. V... Until then we wait...

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Good Luck to everyone...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Rain Rain Go Away

Does it EVER stop? It rained again yesterday out of nowhere... I didn't take pictures but here are some from last week...

I try to explain to everyone that when it rains here...... IT POURS..... This was last week...You can almost see how windy it was if you look at the trees...

Then the clouds started "REACHING" down... Kinda Scary....Then it started to pour... and pour... In case you missed my its raining cats and dogs here is what normally happens to the street when it rains...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On to the Orthopedic

So, I vented a tad about how this month has been going... Yet, I didn't really tell you all the lovely medical issues.... Have you realized I always just say medical issues... Honestly, it's just easier that way... Trying to explain them is just so taxing... Plus, sometimes I think I like it better that way because I'm still kinda in denial about it...
Well, tomorrow we are driving into town to see another specialist for Lil Kiwi... Tomorrow she will be getting examined by a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon... Most likely we will be having x-rays done while there; otherwise that's just one more appointment I will need to schedule. This appointment has two reasons for it... One to see just how bad her issues might be.... Two.... well, the second is to see if we will have to go to another specialist for a different medical issue...

I try to keep as upbeat about this as possible.... There are parents and families out there that have it so much worst... Plus, how can you look at Lil Kiwi and not grin... It's just so hard not being able to do more.... Bah.. okay enough sad posting for now... I do have some good news to report later this week/weekend... Will also post what we find out from the Orthopedic...

Appointments, Reviews, New Homes...

This week is full of Doctor appointments for Lil Kiwi and getting ready for Wee Man to start Kindergarten next week... Is it bad that I'm looking forward to him starting school again? (laughing)
However, amid all the chaos this month a few good things have happened. One is that I will be reviewing the most adorable dish set for kids. Honestly, it is so much better than the plastic bowls you find everywhere. I must have spent a few hours looking at all the different items at
Dining Room Furniture. Not going to show you a picture of it yet; however if you just can't wait (I know suspense is horrible) head on over to Dining Room Furniture and take a look around... Then in a few weeks when I post my review see if you picked out the set.... I already did half the work by giving you a clue...
Oh and I think we found a home for Little Dog... That's more of the good news but I don't want to jinx it so not posting about that until it is done and done...
Plus, be on the look out for few giveaways I've got coming...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

La De Freaking Da

I'm not even sure where to start..... Do I start by screaming how much I dislike my insurance company (and no I can't change it )... Or how worried I am about what we may or may not find out about Lil Kiwi... Or about how some people are just plain idiotic at times... Yes, this might be a rage filled rambling ranting vent... Yes, it will have misspelling, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences... Just thought I should warn you in advance...

When I was pregnant with Lil Kiwi it was discovered that she was missing a kidney, had a Single umbilical artery (SUA), and seemed quite happy to be born sunny side up (thankfully she decided not to moon the Drs. and turned the last few weeks)... This all meant that I was getting ultrasounds left and right and getting appointments with specialist so that we would know what was going to happen IF there was a problem at birth... Twice I was placed on monitors because her heart beat was "odd" and they just wanted to be sure she was fine... On my due date I was once again placed on the monitor and they decided to induce because she was stressed... She was out in 3 pushes and then we knew why she was stressed... The SUA cord was three times the normal length and was wrapped around her neck TWICE.... Lil Kiwi told the Dr just what she though of the situation by peeing on her.. LOL

Continuing... So, yada yada yada more appointments... Find more medical issues... Surgery for her grade 5 urinary reflux... You should remember all about that and if not please feel free to read tushie cocktail , the awakening , the thing in room 13 , home sweet home because it was quite entertaining and the pictures from WW Silly Kiwi are priceless.. That brings us up to this month... I had an appointment for her VCUG to make sure the surgery worked and they called a week before to tell me the Dr was going on vacation and I would have to reschedule.. They only do this test on Tuesdays and the next available one was September so I would have to wait until then... I explained that I had this appointment for two months and NOW they call to cancel and that I can not do September because the test has to be done within so many weeks of the surgery... They called the Dr and she told them she would come in on Weds 12 to do it... Score... Or so I thought...

Tuesday 11 I get a call asking if I had all the correct papers for the VCUG... Of course I did... Then they said oh not those papers these papers... Huh what? They never needed anything before... It's a new office policy... Great... So, from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon I was on the phone with three offices and my insurance company... None of them could do this or that or had no clue what I was talking about... Then from piecing together all the details I was getting I finally figured out the problem... That "NEW POLICY" wasn't a policy... They were bought out and the new owners don't take my insurance... ARGGHHH If the girl would have just SAID that the first time; I wouldn't have wasted all the time... So, now I was calling around trying to find a place (that take my insurance) that could do the tests this week or next week because they have to be done no later than next week... I had to use my magic and now have an appointment for next Thursday... Thank goodness

So, I had to cancel two appointments and reschedule them for after the test is done... Now, I have a Dr appointment Monday, Lil Kiwi was one on Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday, Wee Man has one the following Monday, and then we have school meetings and school starts... I'm stressing big time and now DH is going to be gone all September... Plus, we just found out that Lil Kiwi might have even more medical issues... Thus, all the appointments.... I won't even get started on how Target messed up my prescription and then got all mad at me... Or how it's been raining cats and dogs almost everyday... On top of allllll this; we just found out that our cousin had a baby girl last week and that she has medical issues and will be having 3-4 surgeries before she is 6 months old... Honestly, it's all I can do to not pack up and go hide in the mountains for a week or two...

Wow, I needed that ramble... I'm sorry because it probably doesn't make sense but I just needed to get it out of my system... You know what... I do feel better... Thank you to those that understand and gave me warm thoughts and hugs (I really needed them)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Focus and it will work

"It's not working... make it work" "You need to turn it ON first"
"mmm still not working" "You need to have patience and FOCUS"
and just in case you couldn't see the sheer joy & excitement in Lil Kiwi's face...
Of course the most amazing part is that not a single word was actually exchanged...

Happy Wordless Wednesday
I might be venting like crazy about today

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am very sorry that it has been a week before posting again... Hopefully, I will have time to write all that has happened down so that those that are interested can read all about it... Just know that it was a long long long week and going to be an even longer end of the month... I'm also sorry that I didn't get around to some of your blogs as I wanted too but well it's been crazy... Oh and mom hopefully tomorrow I won't be calling you and trying to get you to use foul language when in public.. Although that was the highlight of my day... well, next to Lil Kiwi throwing noodles everywhere and Wee Man trying to tell me it was okay if we HAD to eat M-to-the-D!!! hehee

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Wee Face

Today, Lil Kiwi and I will be at yet another Dr. appointment and it's been a long week so I didn't have a plan for WW... So, I hope staring into this wee face will be AWWWW enough..

If you could also please take a few minutes to read my Blog It Forward to Fight Hunger and just by commenting on that post a box of Cherrios will be donated to a local food bank... It's for a great cause....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog it Forward to Fight Hunger Challenge

My fellow bloggers... I have a challenge for you... It's something so simple all of us can do it... After reading this post take time to think about what you have read and then decide if you can help... In fact, just by commenting on this post you can help donate a box of Cherrios (more about that at the end)...
When I was younger and didn't want to eat something on my plate my mother use to say...
"Somewhere there is a starving little girl or boy that would be happy to have that to eat"
Of course, at the time I was too young to grasp the full meaning of what she was saying. It wasn't until several years later that I would experience what it meant to go hungry. While my story isn't as extreme as some of the people that I met during that period of my life; it did make me more aware about the issue of hunger. So, when
ShopRite Partners in Caring contacted me and asked if I would be willing to help spread the word about Hunger by "Blogging it Forward to Fight Hunger" I jumped at the chance.
I could list article after article showing the alarming rate at which hunger is growing; but instead I would rather show you how as a community we can help.

ShopRite , a large grocery chain up in the North East with 217 stores in six states (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland); has already been helping to fight the problem of hunger for more than 20 years through its support of the Feeding America network (formerly America’s Second Harvest) and through participation in the Checkout Hunger program. However, they decided in 1999 to establish ShopRite Partners in Caring in response to the pervasive problems of hunger and food insecurity in the communities served by ShopRite supermarkets.

Their mission is simple...
"ShopRite Partners In Caring is committed to helping feed and meet the nutritional needs of families and the elderly who may otherwise go without and to raise awareness of the plight of the hungry by involving our vendor partners, associates and customers in the battle against hunger in the communities served by ShopRite stores."

ShopRite Partners in Caring works with more than 50 food industry manufacturers to provide $2 million annually to qualified charitable agencies in their communities. That means over a span of 10 years they have donated roughly $20 million. If you shop at ShopRite you have probably noticed tags lining the aisles that look like the one on the right. Well, each time you buy an item marked with that tag, you’re supporting one of the 50-plus partner companies whose donations help more than 1,400 hunger-fighting charities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania. All that just for buying a product you already need.

In fact, each ShopRite uses it's share of the funds to support local charities, such as emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, child care centers, battered women's shelters, senior programs, drug rehab centers, programs for the mentally and physically disabled, after school programs and other organizations that support those in need in ShopRite communities; so your purchase helps those in your own community.

Still, want to help out after loading up your cart with brands like General Mills, Kraft, Campbell's, and Pillsbury.... Then take advantage of the Check Out for Hunger program by asking your cashier for a $1, $3 or $5 donation tag at check-out; your contribution will be added to your grocery bill. Did you know that just $1 dollar can purchase 10 pounds (yes pounds) of food at a food bank. So, if you donate just a dollar every shopping trip think of how many pounds of food you could be providing to someone in need.

For those of you that don't live in the states ShopRite works with; you can still help by finding out if your local grocery store has a similar program or other organizations near you. For example, in Texas you can find out more about the The H-E-B Food Bank Assistance Program ; which supports 21 food banks and serves more than 8,000 organizations throughout Texas and Mexico.

Remember when I said that you could help just by commenting on this post? Well,
ShopRite Partners in Caring and General Mills have partnered to raise awareness about the issue of hunger. For the first 30 comments, ShopRite and General Mills will donate a box of Cheerios to a local food bank. How easy is that....

So, my fellow bloggers and non-bloggers, my challenge to you is....

Can you Blog it Forward to Fight Hunger? Can you take the first small step and start to Fight Hunger?

Please post a comment about what you think about the
ShopRite Partners in Caring Program .... how you help fight hunger... or plan to... or whatever is on your mind... Then after commenting why not "Blog it Foward to Fight Hunger" by posting about this program or one in your area...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Raining Cats & Dogs

Honestly.... It's been storming and raining here all week and last week... Heck it's been like this all summer..... What happened to the summer time..

The other day I was talking to my mom and where she lives it's been in the 100s!!!! They are breaking records left and right... Just the other day it 106.... OH and the average temperature there is 103 this summer.... Crazy how it is soooo hot there and they have no rain yet here it is cool and raining all the time...

It has rarely gotten to 85 this summer but OOOO has it been raining up a storm... Just check my
pictures from last week out and you see what we are dealing with.. Or just take a look at this...

This was taken this afternoon during the heaviest part of the storm... There was a lot of thunder yesterday but no rain... At least not until nightfall.... However, by morning it was damp but nothing to worry about...

Do you notice anything odd with that picture? Perhaps something that is missing.... How about if I show you two other pictures... Then maybe you will see what is missing in that first picture....

Need help? The first picture is of my street during the rain and the second is of my street after the rain (hard to believe it's that dry after isn't it but the sun comes out and bam doesn't even look like it rained) .... So did you figure out what is missing in the pictures... Yep... That is correct my friends... THE STREET is missing.... It was raining sooo hard that the water went up and over the curb right into the grass... Small children could have been washed away... Perhaps even some cats and dogs...

Good thing we have a canoe... All I need now are some paddles... *wink*


Wow wow wow... All I can say is I can't believe so many people think my wee blog is worth receiving awards... I've been trying to keep up but I always forget to post so I will try to get everything done this week and get them posted... Didn't want you to think I don't love them or you... I just get busy doing stuff and forget to post...