Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WW - Everything happens for a reason

Where to start.... I had a secret that I was going to share with everyone but sometimes life has a way of taking a different path.

I'll start with the fact that for the whole month of July I have been living on the couch; doctors orders. The reason..... I was very sick and had started to bleed; which isn't a good thing when you are pregnant. SURPRISE! Yep that was the secret that I was hoping to share. Don't celebrate yet.

Remember that whole life not always going as planned. Last week during my ultrasound we discovered that the pregnancy was nonviable. It was devastating but I didn't have time to do any crying because the next day I was running around getting everything ready for surgery. Only two days after finding out there was no longer a baby; I was at the hospital getting a D&C.

Now I'm sitting here... numb... but feeling so much better than I have the whole month. It appears that what we thought was the horrid morning sickness I normally get was actually my body trying to fight what was no longer part of me.

Today I'm going to sit on the couch and see what everyone has been up to for the first time in over a month. OH and thank you to all of you that sent emails. I am so sorry I didn't reply but this is honestly the first I have been on the computer for any length of time. So much to catch up on.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to the daily grind

What a trip!

I'm still trying to get the kids back into their normal routine but it's not working out so well. Thank goodness it is summer and that means we have time to get a new routine started.

Will post photos after I get them on the computer. I haven't been on the computer since we got back last week because I have been feeling quite ill. The couch and I are best of friends right now but I'm sick of sitting/laying around on it.

Speaking of being sick.... The one thing we have tried to prevent with Lil Kiwi finally happened. She got an UTI the last few days of the trip; which made the flight home soooo much fun. While her surgery did fix most of the problem; her getting an UTI is not something we can take lightly. As soon as we landed I was on the phone calling our insurance to approve an emergency doctor visit.

We were at the clinic until they closed that evening at 10. Started her on meds and then a few days later had to change to stronger meds because the infection was resistant. That in itself was an issue since Lil Kiwi can not take any medicine with penicillin. The good news is that it seems to be working and hopefully the next test will show her to be fine.

Wee Man is thrilled to be home and was super excited to see "moving to1st grade" on his report card. When did he get so big!?! Plan on starting a journal for him to write in everyday to practice. He reads everything now and out loud to boot...

Okay... Think this is about all I have the energy to write for now. Still have a few reviews and giveaways I need to write and post this week or next. Will also be trying to visit everyone and see what you have been up too.