Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And he is gone again...

Rambling post

Just me and the kiddos again. (sigh)

No worries it's only for a week and then another week later this month. For those doing the math, yes I am due to give birth soon and hope that he will be here for it. My mother flies in the last week of June to help out with Wee Man and Lil Kiwi when I go to the hospital.

Still no name... Running out of time? Yes, but I have faith that she will have a name soon.

This also means that it's almost time to move. So not looking forward to moving again specially during the middle of Summer but it's just how things worked out. On a positive note the huge swing set in the backyard is finally G-O-N-E! We had given it away last year but the family that took it brought it back (with the understanding they would get it a month later) they finally came and got it a few days ago. Yipppee!

Have an appointment tomorrow so need to get some things together and then some sleep.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Finally after 5 months

Look who is BACK!!!!

Daddy Shenanigans took two weeks off and we have been enjoying having him home. He meanwhile was enjoying not having to shave every morning.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Blankee

Let me start by saying that EVERY baby needs a blanket no matter if they are born during the winter or summer. There is just something about a blanket that most kids seem to find comforting and reassuring. Recently, I received a stroller blanket from My Blankee Inc for the newest Shenanigans to be. As soon as the package was opened I could see why blankets from My Blankee are sought after by celebrities. Luxurious... soft... silky... elegant... wonderful quality... Do I really need to go on?
This blanket has the best of both worlds with a soft ultra-luxe velour on both sides and a 2" satin ruffle border. Little fingers can curl around the satin while the soft velour cuddles their wee bodies. No need to worry if the blanket get dirty; just toss it in the washer. Have to love a product that is not only Made In The USA but also machine washable!
I must admit I haven't yet washed our blanket however, they say they are 0% Shrinkage, pre-shrunk, and 0% bleeding. With the quality of the blankets I have no doubt this blanket will live up to their statements. In fact, it has already been taken over by Lil Kiwi and used almost daily now. (Yes, I will have to buy another My Blankee for the newest baby.) She uses it for cuddling on the couch, indoor picnics with her stuffies, and just petting it because it's "so soft and perrrfect".
My Blankee has several prints, patterns, materials and sizes to choose from. The hard part is picking out which blanket(s) you want to get. Plus, don't let the name My Blankee fool you into thinking they only do blankets. They have crib bedding, burp cloths, carseat covers, and so much more that you might be surprised at what you find.

One more thing please remember.....

*Disclosure: Product for this review was supplied to me by the company or pr representing the company for the sole purpose of reviewing. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. All opinions in this post are that of myself and do not represent the views of the company. Reception of product does not influence my views on the product and I will always give an honest candid review of product received.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Seedling

A few weeks ago we planted a few apple seed expecting nothing to grow. It was more a project Wee Man wanted to do. Yet......

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When the talk doesn't work

I've had the talk with my computer before about getting a "STV" (socially transmitted virus) but it seems that talk didn't work.

That hard drive crash I got wasn't a "real" crash but rather a very sneaky virus that makes it seem like one. Then on top of that (or maybe it's part of it) I got something that hid all my folders/files from sight. Plus, about two months ago my laptop ate it because of a BIOS password issue that the company knew about but didn't contact people to let them know. So, here I was with a laptop not working, unless I take it in to get fixed and spend almost what I could get a cheap new one for, AND a PC full of viruses and spyware. Oh Joy!!

Several phone calls for people to look information up and then calling my computer guru begging to hear all would be fine.....

"Let's hope it's your hard drive because that is easy to fix.... you still there?.... Please tell me you aren't crying...." computer guru nervously said.
"Aa.. I... I.. Okay..." I got out between sniffles.

The good news is that after a week of poking and prodding my computer we finally got it all nice and clean on Saturday. The perfect Mother's Day gift to myself.... Or so I thought.

Yep... Early that morning I was getting ready to post and leave comments when WHAM BAM thank you ma'am.... (sigh) All clean once again and hopefully staying that way. Thus I am sorry for not replying to emails or visiting your blogs last week.

I sure hope when it's time to have "the talk" with my kids they listen to it.

So, ladies and gentlemen... Please be careful when out and about on the Internet; even the nice looking sites might be naughty.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Dog Days

Fawn Dog has it rough.... extra thick bed(s) yet she always looks so sad....

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My computer is still giving me a hard time so I'll try and visit as I can.