Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts with Shari's Berries - Review

I'm not accustomed to getting Mother's Day gifts. So last year when I was showered with a handmade gift from Wee Man AND a whole dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries I was in heaven.
Want to pamper your own mother (or perhaps yourself) to a sweet gift that will surely surprise and delight her? Then Shari's Berries is the way to go.... With a click of the mouse you have several yummy gourmet strawberries or more to pick from.
I was able to try the Cheesecake Trio & Full Half Dozen Giant Dipped Fancy Berries and oooooo was it a tastebud tingling torture (yummy). The strawberries were all over 2 inches long and dipped in thick layers of chocolate that lovingly coated all of them. Each bite is the perfect amount of strawberry to chocolate and juicy berry to crunchy texture ratio. Normally, I would have photos to show you just how great they are but sadly my computer's hard drive crashed and well yeah you are just going to have to take my word for it.

The cheesecake trio that accompanied the berries were almost beyond words. They might be mini but so rich and full of flavor that anything bigger would be too much. Each one is about three inches long or the size of a biscuit. Warning... Do not I repeat do not gobble them down. Reason one is because they are for savoring and indulging your tastebuds. Reason two is simply they have a lot of calories for being wee mini cheesecakes and could easily be eaten in one sitting.
Want something besides berries? Try looking at the baked goodies, spa baskets, or any of the mixed packages. I am sure that any of the items from Shari's Berries would be just as wonderful as the berries.
While I love it when I do a review that is all positive; sometimes things don't always go as planned. As I opened my box of Cheesecake Trio & Full Half Dozen Giant Dipped Fancy Berries the ice pack was melted and everything was kinda warm. The strawberries were fine but the cheesecakes seemed to be a tad too soft. A quick call to ask if they were okay and I was informed that they didn't feel safe for me to eat them. Even though it was not their fault but rather the heat and my UPS guy delivering the box at almost 5 pm; Shari's Berries sent me another package free of charge. It was one of the most pleasant phone calls I had ever had with a company's customer service. If a customer has any questions or issues they can call 800.580.2913 (24/7-365) and Shari's Berries will make it right, every time. In fact, visit their facebook page and receive a discount on your order. Shari's Berries Facebook

Time is ticking so why are you still reading this... Go visit Shari's Berries and make a Mother's day special.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wind, Rain and Tornadoes OH MY

This morning my mother and I were chatting about the crazy weather that has been happening. I'm certain Mother Nature is none to pleased with something or maybe it's just that time of the year. Shortly, after I told her we survived the tornado warning over the night; my house phone rang....

"This is blah blah blah.... The National Weather blah blah blah... the tornado warning has been extended until 3 PM... Please take all blah blah blah......"


Now I'm sitting here listening to the down pouring of rain and rolling thunder not too far away. Hoping that is all my neighbors and I will have to deal with. Yet, as I continue to see the death toll rising with each news update; it's hard not to feel a wee bit scared and worried. Now I am not too worried since this isn't a normal thing for this area but if I hear the siren blast oh yeah I'm going to head for cover.

I can not even begin to imagine how those that have already been hit by the tornadoes must be feeling. My heart goes out to all those effected by the most recent storms.

EDITED to add...

Seems like the wind, rain and tornadoes have subsided.... yoo hoo!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Where did my little girl go

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Realizing just how much

Having a baby is expensive!

Here we are with two wonderful children and no plans for anymore. So we finally get rid of the baby gear and such; only to find out a few months later that I was pregnant. Don't get me wrong I am not the naive 1st time mommy that thinks we need all the gear (shakes head remembering when I was) . Yet, it's those basic baby gear items that seem to be the most expensive ones.

With only a little time left before the newest wee shenanigans joins the family I have started making my NEED list.
1. New crib mattress
2. Playard
3. Highchair
4. Super soft and cuddly blanket
5. A few onesies..socks..babylegs..
6. Diapers (so want to go cloth but scared)
7. Car seat
8. Cuski (got it already)
9. Bottles
10. ....

Then of course there is the Maybe list.
1. Good breast pump (just in case)
2. ....

and last but not least my I WANT IT list...
1. Personal Assistant to make sure I don't leave the house in PJs or worse!!!
2. Full nights of peaceful sleep
3. Everything to be perfect
4. Magically have a house waiting for us when we move a month after baby is born.
5. .....

I'm sure I have forgotten a lot of the Needs but I'm doing good right now to remember that much. Mommy brain has already hit me and I still have two months to go!

So..... I'm asking for help.... What items did I forget so far.... and feel free to add to my other lists if you so like... (smile)

What does one NEED for a newborn?...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu during the dry season and my first attempt at using the pan feature on my old camera...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Quiet Time

Horrid storms blew through here until this morning and it's still a tad yucky outside. Thus the kids and I are spending a quiet Sunday afternoon reading.

Which is great. Wee Man is curled up reading his newest Scooby Doo chapter book.
Chapter books are the only thing that he will read now that he is a (ahem) big boy. While he is in the top reading group in his class and reads very well; momma knows he still skips a few words here and there. As a special gift from his Nonnie, he was allowed to pick out his very own bookmark and he is reading more than ever. I'm also proud that he decided to read this book because and I quote...."Where are the pictures? I thought there were pictures..." followed by a small frown.

Also a gift from Nonnie was a set of Princess board books (25 of them) for Lil Kiwi at Christmas. They are great little books and each one teaches a lesson. Having faith in yourself, being kind to others, courage, beauty within, saying thank you or please, etc....
She loves having me read them in groups of characters or color. They are also the perfect size for her to look read them herself and short enough that she stays interested.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Shenanigans Continue

It's been since October since I last wrote. After finally responding to a few emails asking where I was, I think I'm ready to share with all of you. So be gentle....

First, last year was a crazy year. It started off with two visits to the ER for Lil Kiwi, a monster snowfall, our five year old neighbor keyed our new mini van, losing the baby in July, Grandpa Shenanigans and Black Dog passing away, and then..... the reason I have been hiding...

I think it was just everything just got to me and overwhelmed me so much that I just didn't know what to do. Since July I was keeping a secret from everyone.... Then in October there was another secret... and it was sooo hard to keep things together. It wasn't until Christmas that we finally told DH's family what had been going on. Even now I'm finding it difficult to just come out and say it...

*deep breath*

Okay... In July, when I was feeling sooooo sick the doctors discovered that I have a type of cancer. While I was being evaluated to see if it was a bad version something else happened that put everything on standby... I got pregnant.... Not the best timing and the doctors were well not at all pleased... Now we have to wait until after I give birth to continue testing.

So.... Even though I had tried to keep going; once we found out I was pregnant in October I shut down.

DH has been gone since January for training and doesn't come back until May. It's been just me and the kids. My mind and emotions are ALL over the place. What ifs haunt me... Yet, those of you that sent emails and then kind words gave me the strength to be brave. Thank you all....

Not my most flattering photo but here's the tummy photo of the newest Shenanigans...