Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - The simple things

Gloomy days....
Sick moody toddler...
Letting her play in the water puddles.... totally worth the extra laundry....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Always something

happening at the house of Shenanigans...

It started when Wee Man actually lost his first tooth at school somewhere... and now Lil Kiwi is the troublemaker...

Honestly, I was having flashbacks from the new year visit to the ER... Lil Kiwi had some type of rash across her back and chest but it was not the same so I did not freak out....much...

Since Thursday she has had a temperature of at least 99.0 but no more than 99.8...

Her mood has been less than stellar with mood swings left and right...

Asking for food/drink and then refusing to eat (unless it is fruit or a fruit strip)...

No real naps for two days now... Add that on top of the fact that she does not sleep much at night either (which means neither do I).

She has also been grabbing her diaper a lot. Since she is at risk for UTI (due to medical issues) I have to be careful and try to prevent them. Thus far we have been lucky and she has not had one but I still worry.

The problem is that I know she is cutting two teeth right now and that could explain most of the things going on; however, that does not explain the diaper grabbing... We are also potty training or I guess it's more like the potty is there and IF she wants to get on we let her. She has used it a few times and I'm sooo proud of her but these times she doesn't want or ask to use the potty. Which has me wondering if she is grabbing because it's uncomfortable from a UTI or if it's nothing..

UGH... To call my good for nothing doctors or to wait and see if it's just teething..

The good news is she was so worn out from two days without naps that last night she actually slept most of the night without fussing. Which means I got some of the best sleep I have had in months.. *happy camper grin*

In fact as of 0822 she is still sleeping but was whimpering earlier... Yes, I am probably over analyzing it and it's just her teeth coming in; yet with all the little things that are different with her it's hard not to over analyze.

Bah I spoke too soon... She is awake.... Let the day officially start... NOW

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winner of Rolled Canvas

The Lucky Winner picked by to get a Rolled Canvas Print is...

Alli with comment #50

Congratulations to Alli

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What if there is no tooth for the tooth fairy

Does the Tooth Fairy visit if there is no tooth to collect?

That was the question Wee Man asked and I honestly didn't have an answer for him.

On Sunday morning Wee Man informed us that his tooth was loose. Upon inspection it was found to be a little loose but nothing major. I figured this weekend we would get some supplies and make a tooth chest for Wee Man to put his tooth in while it waited for the Tooth Fairy to take it.

Sunday Evening... All he talked about was putting his tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

Monday morning it was still a little loose but I warned Wee Man about being careful at school... Packed a safe lunch and warned him about eating with a loose tooth. He returned from school with tooth intact.

We caught him playing with his tooth once or twice that evening and explained why he should not be touching his tooth. I know he wasn't listening to anything we said but we are parents and that's what we do. Of course, I should clarify that his playing was more like pulling on it and we didn't want his tooth to come out before it needed to.

Tuesday morning first thing I hear from Wee Man is.... "My tooth is really loose."  Sure enough it was really loose, seeing as how it had only been two days, but it was still in there pretty good.

Halfway though breakfast he comes into the kitchen tissue in his mouth and grinning to tell me his tooth was bleeding. We had the warning talk (again) and I told him to be extra careful today. I didn't think it would be coming out but you never know.

As he come running off the School bus the first words out of his mouth were... "I lost my tooth"

"Did you tell your teacher and where did you put it" I asked excitedly

"I lost my tooth before specials.... I lost it" Wee Man explained

Then the dreaded question....

"Mom.... will the Tooth Fairy still visit if I lost my tooth?" said with a bit of concern.

"I don't know Wee Man... I guess we will have to see..." 

A call to Nonnie (my mom) for some advice and some brainstorming came up with this solution...
A nice note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened and hoping she would still pay for the tooth that was missing at school...

*insert a truly funny evening of DH and Me here..... can't write details because someone in the family can READ and well that pretty much explains it*

Wednesday morning I was in the kitchen when I hear Wee Man running down the hall and into the kitchen.

"MOM.. MOM.... Look Looook..." holds up the tooth chest "She came and left a note and money!" Wee Man squealed
Now... I don't know about you but that Tooth Fairy is one sweet fairy.... Not only did she write a note to him but she also left him 2 dollars for his missing tooth. Apparently, the going rate for a child's 1st lost tooth is high..

As far as I can guess the missing tooth is/was in Wee Man's tummy... Specials is a few classes after lunch so I think Wee Man swallowed it with out realizing it.. He thinks it's at school... Only the Tooth Fairy really knows....

I only hope that the next loose tooth doesn't go missing....

So.... Do you think the Tooth Fairy was right?  What is the going rate for teeth anyways?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Toothless

I was going to post why I did not post this week because of the wonderful weather (it was actually in the 60s one day) but instead something very important happened.....

Wee Man lost his first baby tooth...
When I say he LOST his tooth I mean it's GONE.. MISSING..  I'll be telling the story tomorrow of how this all went down... The good, the bad, and the ugly....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Finally


However, I still love this photo from the start of snowmageddon...
It was so peaceful...

Then I remember the crazy amount of snow...
and I'm sooooo happy it's Spring...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winner of the Target Giftcard

Let me first say that I LOVED reading your comments about what you love.... A few of them had me wanting a front porch that was screened in.... a trip to the store without the kids.... sleeping through the night... oh and this was one of my favorites... "I love my husband's laughter! It's like oxygen to my soul" Sharon is one lucky woman and I'm guessing so is her husband.

So much love.... and now it's time to announce which one of you was the Lucky winner....

After adding the extra entries....
putting them all into
the Lucky winning comment was...

476 Tracy said...  I love my boyfriend!

I emailed Tracy this morning but haven't heard back yet. So, if you know Tracy or if you are reading this please email me back before Tuesday.

On a side note... I did a quick poll on twitter last night before the giveaway ended asking if I should add a 2nd gift card OR have another giveaway... The answer was another giveaway so be on the look out for another giveaway later this month.

Thank you all for the lovely comments and for visiting my wee blog...

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Why is the question of the day

Okay I'm stealing a moment at the computer while Lil Kiwi is drinking her milk.

Today I'm moody.... Why? That is my question of the day

WHY.... tease us with two days of lovely warm sun only to give us rain for five days?

WHY.... do men refuse to ask for directions OR listen when we tell them we will ask?

WHY.... do children push push push our buttons (literally and figuratively)?

WHY.... does my computer sound like it's working so hard to stay on?!


WHY.... is it that when I'm in a mood like this.... one look at Lil Kiwi being silly or that hug from Wee Man before he gets on the bus... makes it all better

and why is it that the very wee folks that drive us to insanity are the same ones that keep us sane

So... what is your WHY?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(not really) Wordless Wednesday - Layla Grace

Shortly after Lil Kiwi had her surgery I stumbled upon a few fellow bloggers that also had wee ones with medical issues; Layla Grace and her family was one of them. I have followed this family's story for several months now and they have had to endure things that no one should have to.

If you do not already know of Layla Grace's story you can check it out at her blog

Just shy of 2 years old Layla was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma. After fighting so hard against this beast of a monster; late January they found out that Layla's cancer was back. The doctors told them they had 2-3 months left with her. Then after a scan of her wee body they discovered that it had spread and now Layla had maybe a month.

Everytime I looked at Lil Kiwi they would come to mind and I would say a little prayer for all of them. Perhaps it is because our children are so close in age that I am so affect by the news of Layla leaving us to go play with the angels yesterday.

Please remember that her family still has a long journey in front of them and it is going to be a tough one. Keep them in your prayers...

Layla Grace Marsh

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

and not a drop I did drink.... Okay so there wasn't water everywhere but you get the point.

Wednesday I had a plan. I was going to actually visit all of your blogs for WW. Since DH had leave this week I figured I would have all day to sit at the computer and comment away. Instead, we ended up running errands all day.

Since we were only going to be gone for a little bit (cough cough) I only brought something for Lil Kiwi to drink. So I drank maybe 1/3 of a soda and that was it for the day. By the time we got home I was already moody and I'm sure it being that time of the month didn't help. Ate leftover Chinese and then was super chilly.

Curled up on the couch and kinda sorta remember DH getting the kids to bed and then telling me he was going to work for a little bit. After that I remember nothing.....

Then I woke up but couldn't move.... I couldn't open my eyes... I couldn't do anything and my arms felt like they were asleep. In my stupor I figured they were asleep and that the heater dried my eyes. I went back to peaceful sleep.

That is until DH got home....

He was pinching my arm and asking the same question over and over again. I tried to answer but couldn't. Finally, I was able to make meeping sounds according to DH. I couldn't open my eyes because they felt like sandpaper and I was like a rag doll trying to move.

DH forced me to drink water and kept me awake for awhile. He said he was sooo close to calling the EMS because I was that bad. It was horrible the next morning until I drank some more water.

So.... DRINK people.... Keep hydrated... I think I'm going to look into some more water bottles because that's the only way I remember to drink. If I see the bottle I drink otherwise I could go all day without drinking....

Anyone else like me and need reminders to drink? or what do you do to remember to drink?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Only One

"Nope... not tonight.... You only get ONE bedtime story"

If you missed Lil Kiwi's newest update click HERE ....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monster Jam Vs. Wee Man

Two weeks ago I posted Wee Man's photo with a friends Mini Monster Truck for Wordless Wednesday. I love how he still wants to be a driver even though he is scared of heights. That's my Wee Man...

Well, we just happen to notice (after searching the Internet) that Monster Jam was going to be having an event within driving distance. Since we never know where we will be stationed next we couldn't pass up the chance to let Wee Man see the trucks/drivers up close and personal. So, we looked into getting tickets however there was a problem.

The meet and greet in the pit with the drivers was only on ONE day.... well... guess what... DH was told the day he was buying the tickets that (ahem) he was going to be working the last weekend of February. DH's job in the military is of course 24/7 however his work days are M-F so this weekend clinic came as a surprise. It also meant that Wee Man wasn't going to get to meet the drivers or see how BIG the Monster Trucks are. The tickets were purchased and kept a secret from Wee Man and everyone else that talks to him.. ie the grandparents....

Do you know how hard it is to keep this kind of a secret from your child is... for a month! oooo it was horrid...

The night before the big day we showed him the printed out tickets. He slowly read them and then looked at us and asked when. It was all he would talk about the next morning and was counting down the minutes. No, seriously he was.

"It's now 11:30..... 11:31....11:32...."

Ear protection, coats, hats, money, more money and a camera. I gave DH the old camera (that I hate) but didn't have a spare SD card so they were going to stop and get one. This is an important thing to remember for the rest of this story....

A few hours later they call to tell me they are sitting in the parking lot and how much fun it was. In the background I can hear Wee Man rambling 100 miles per hour about all that happened. Was so great to hear him so happy and excited since he has been kinda down lately.

DH starts to relay what happened.... During the event there were four trophies being awarded to the driver/trucks and Grave Digger took three of them. If you have ever watched you know that sometimes they give stuff to the people in the audience. Gary Porter walked right in Wee Man's direction AND then gave the trophy to the three boys sitting next to him. OOOO my heart broke.. I just know how that would have made Wee Man's week.... month.. possibly his whole year.... Not sure what we would have done with it because it was taller than him.

Then DH tells me that the father of the boys offered to take a photo of DH and Wee Man with the trophy.... Sadly, the POS camera wouldn't take the SD card DH got because it's one of the new HD/SD thingys and some older cameras (that companies send out when they refused to send back your nicer one) don't take the new cards... sooooo

Talk about having your heart sink down to your knees.... Not getting the trophy and then not getting a photo with it... ugh....

Of course, Wee Man didn't think twice about it and thought it was sooo cool that Grave Digger gave away his trophies. I love my Wee Man... We already told him that if we are close enough the next time they are doing an event he can go again.

He is already planning for that day.....