Monday, August 13, 2012

Excuse Me While I...

So, here we are... Several months later and finally a few words from me and a video. I don't get to use my PC very much but have been messing around with my laptop so maybe I can use it instead. After logging in I see comments and also that I reallllllly need to give my blog a makeover/update. Not sure how since I don't have the tools to do that anymore but I digress.

A ton has happened since my last post and I hope to put some of that on here, but for now I will do a quick update.

WeeMan... is now in the Gift Program at school, thinks he is a teenager even though he has many years to get there, misses his other friends but is making new ones...
Lil Kiwi... is starting preballet, still in speech classes, has proved that she is a tomboy princess that can hold her own with the boys... now a year old, has new custom braces for her legs, is going to be a diva princess if she continues with the fashion sense she shows...
Momma Shenanigans... is learning how to cope with everything, misses her friends and family, dislikes the heat!
Daddy Shenanigans... loves and hates his new job, is away more than he would like...

As you don't know we found a new family member in the form of a Bullmastiff mix named Bock. Pound pups are the best specially when they weren't the ones you went to look at. Anyway... KitKat loves both dogs but Bock has won her over. From day one she took to him and crawls all over him. He also seems to have taken to her and allows her to do things others are not. In fact, he was a tad food protective when we first got him home but a few weeks later she was pushing him out of his food bowl while he sat there looking at me for help. hehehee  The dogs are not allowed to be near the table when we eat so much to my surprise when today KitKat grabbed a handful of pasta... pushed Oonagh out of the way and then fed Bock.


  1. It's good to use see you posting again. Hope things are well.

  2. It's great to see a post from you! The video is super cute :)

  3. So cute to see KitKat in action! And so good to hear you're all still hanging in there. Hope you are able to figure out how to do things on the laptop so you can post more updates!

  4. Yay, so great to see a post from you! Thought I'd check in and here you are! :)
    KitKat is adorable! Can't believe she's a year already! My littlest man turned 2 years old today... time sure flies! I am shocked at how long KitKat's hair is already! Just gorgeous!
    Hope to see more posts from you soon!