Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lil Kiwi Surgery Part II - The Awakening

I'm not a lover of hospital food and when you have to play a game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe to actually FIND the food court; your hopes are pretty low... Surprise surprise... We rounded the corner and what wonderful sights we did see... Subway, Starbucks, some pizza place, a Greek deli, and of course the food cafe'... I headed for some nice Greek gyros and then we realized the problem.. Amidst all the food booths there were NO CHAIRS... I mean come on.... We walked around following people with food hoping to find the secret food eating shrine... Finally, a security guard told us it was actually IN the food cafe' but that we are more than welcome to eat at the other dinning place right around the corner... Egads.. So, we shoveled now cold food and then rush upstairs hoping Lil Kiwi wasn't out of surgery yet.

Two hours had past since they took Lil Kiwi into surgery.... We sat in the waiting area for about another thirty minutes... It's amazing how time really does TICK by when it is your own child... Just as I was recounting the dots on the ceiling tiles, one of the nurses called us back and said "The surgery went perfectly... She's awake and not in a good mood you can head on back to room 8" ... as I was trying to help DH get Wee Man the nurse looked at me and said "Actually Mom if you just want to head on back there so we can get her under control that would be great."

Under control? What in the world could she mean... Lil Kiwi had just woken up from surgery and should have been still groggy...

I started for the room and heard.... "Mmmmmm *scream* Moooooooom *scream* " I'm not sure if the screams were her or the nurses...

As soon as I was within Lil Kiwi's eyesight the noise stopped and she was reaching for me... Yep that is my lil 16 lb ball of fury...

Propped up in a sorta smaller bed with tubes here and there... A nurse stood in the corner (yes she really was standing in the corner) waiting for me/us to get into the room before getting close to Lil Kiwi again... DH and Wee Man came in and that gave the nurse more courage to get what she needed to get done... She helped get Lil Kiwi into my lap and monitored her from there... Lil Kiwi took that first bottle of apple juice like she had just been on a 3 day hike in Death Valley with no water... A small burp and a little juice on mom.. Thanks kid... They put in a movie to pass the time.. It was half way through the movie "Cars" before they decided it was time to move her to her own real room... Back to the still too large bed and a few protests from Lil Kiwi... We made our way through the hospital; while the nurse wheeling her bed told us of how when she first started this job she use to bump the beds into corners, walls, doors, people... Thankfully, we only "bumped" two doors...

We headed into room 13... Awww I was feeling good because normally this is
a lucky number for us... Then I saw the inside of room 13 and began to rethink my luck...

Lil Kiwi wasn't at all happy with the arrangements.. how sad she looks..

More of Lil Kiwi's recovery in next post... This is where things took a turn for the worst....

*on a side note... my surgery went fine and I am recovering quickly... and do pardon my grammar as I am still on pain meds*


  1. I am torn between feeling horribly sorry for Lil Kiwi and wanting to laugh at her holy terrorness... Glad she is out the other side and hope she is in a better mood by now! Fortunately she has two wonderful and loving parents and a superhero for a big brother! (I have gone WAAAAAY back in reading your blog, can you tell?) I'm so glad you are recovering too, and I hope both you girls are feeling 1000% better very soon! Big hugs!

  2. Oh my goodness lil Kiwi.....
    But it is good to hear her surgery went well. And it's good to know yours went well too. I wish you both a speedy recovery and most beautiful days ahead.

  3. BTDT...why don't they let moms just wait in the recovery room so the kiddos don't get so upset. Both times I showed up and my daughter was kicking & screaming. 2nd time 6 nurses were holding her down and they gave her a narcotic cause they couldn't handle her. DUH! I was so mad that they did that and they wouldn't let me be there when she woke up.

    Glad to hear you are healing quickly....hopefully Kiwi is too!

  4. Bless her little heart. Look at the look on her face. I pray you both recovery quickly and painlessly.

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!