Monday, June 29, 2009

Lil Kiwi Surgery Part IV - Home Sweet Home

After receiving that snazzy yellow sock to keep Lil Kiwi from chewing on her IV, it was time for the night nurse shift change... For about an hour Lil Kiwi was fussy and rolling all over her crib in what looked like an attempt to get comfortable... Since this was the first time I couldn't comfort her; I decided it was finally time to give her some pain killers... Up to this point she didn't once seem to be in pain so we hadn't given her any... The nurse came in and gave me the medicine to give Lil Kiwi (apparently the other nurses had already informed her of Lil Kiwi's wonderful attitude)... About fifteen minutes later and it was peaceful in room 13... Sleep had finally come...

Sleep for both of us... well, for about an hour that is... The nurse came in to do her check up and when she pulled the yellow sock off it was suddenly clear what had been the problem... Lil Kiwi's IV was bad... All the fluids were building up under her skin and her arm was swollen... No wonder she was chewing at it because that had to have hurt...

Ooo see the evil look I was getting...

Luckily, the nurse caught it before it got really bad and convinced them not to put another one it.. It turns out that the IV wasn't put in very well and was leaking the whole time; thus why it was wet sometimes... Lil Kiwi wasn't happy about all the pain and the nurses messing with her... However, as soon as everyone was gone, Lil Kiwi slept... I don't mean she napped I mean full on deep sleep... She even barely fussed when a nurse came in to take vitals in the wee morning hours...

This was the position she stayed in for the next four hours... At 0600 hours the checkup doctors came and then the nurses for vitals and then more doctors... Dr. V came in and after hearing all she had been though took the last tubes out... Let me say that made for one very happy Lil Kiwi... I decided to take her for a outing so we got dressed and headed out... It was amazing how happy she was and as soon as we were outside in the hall she was smiling... The nurses couldn't believe this was the same little girl from room 13... This little girl was smiling, friendly and not screaming... Of course, when anyone else walked by they got the evil eyes and pursed lip look hehehee... So wish I had a picture of that look...

We headed over to the playroom and had some fun time.... However, her hand was still swollen so we had to head back to room 13 and put some heat on it...

Lil Kiwi wasn't happy about that so she tried to chew it off also... Of course, all the chewing could also be because at the time she had three teeth coming in..

It was about 1400 hours before we were finally allowed to leave the hospital... All of us were happy to be home and finally get some sleep... Only problem now is that Lil Kiwi is having some issues with sleeping and always wanting to be held... I understand but I also hope this doesn't become a habit...

She has her check up the second week in July and then we have to do another VCUG... If the tests show no more issues she will no longer be on daily medication... *doing the happy dance* All we would have to do is keep an eye on her and have more doctor appointments than normal... Otherwise, Lil Kiwi is recovering wonderfully and hopefully this will be the only surgery she will need... *knocks on wood*

For Wordless Wednesday I will be posting pictures of Lil Kiwi when she was being silly; so be sure to check them out this WW...

If you missed the other posts about her surgery you can read part I here , part II here and part III here ... and once again thank you to everyone for the warm wishes and prayers...


  1. Oh my, Lil Kiwi had to go through so much! I'm so glad things are looking up and she is feeling better.

    Thanks to you and Wee Man for the birthday wishes for Riley! He had a wonderful 5th birthday weekend!

  2. OMG...what an ordeal! I feel like I can relate as Dori's surgeries were March/April...but I think we had an easier time...more or less. Thank goodness that you didn't have a roommate at the hospital. I begged and pleaded, but we couldn't get one!

    Once Dori's catheter was removed she was a completely different child and skipped out out of the hospital. Went home and climbed and jumped to her hearts content! Aren't kid's resilient? There is no way I'd be doing that after major surgery!!

  3. Poor little girl!!! That is horrible.

  4. Glad to read that Lil Kiwi is recovering wonderfully. It is so sad to see young kids going through suffering like this, as my nephews did when they were born.

    PS: I wish I get to see that evil eyes and pursed lip look too. :)

  5. aww poor sweetheart hope she heals quickly and us doing well soon

    Hugs to u its hard to watch u'r child go through so much

  6. What a trooper.... and what a personality! And who can blame her for not wanting to sleep alone after all of that. Hope you all are having a relaxing long weekend and that everyone is well on the road to recovery.