Monday, January 4, 2010

How the Shenanigans bring in the new yEaR

*Since writing this we ended up back at the ER with Lil Kiwi... I will update as soon as possible...*

What do you do when it is 10:30 at night and your youngest wakes up screaming?

Well, if you live in the Shenanigans household it really is not out of the ordinary since Lil Kiwi usually wakes up at least twice a night in screaming fits. However, this time it was a tad different.

DH uses the night light to change or check up on Lil Kiwi while I sometimes pull the Mean Ol' Mommy and turn the room light on... Sorry but sometimes I like to see what I am doing...

So, I turned the light on and got ready to change Lil Kiwi when I noticed something was wrong. Wrong as in I had one of those moments when time stops and you can feel the energy racing through your body. I called to DH to get in the room I needed to ask him something. His jaw also hit the floor when I pulled her pants completely off.

Little welts all over her legs... Off with the socks... Little hives all over her feet.... Hands... Face!!!!

You can just barely see the small red spots...

With in seconds we had her crib stripped and in the wash. Bugs? Spiders? Hives? What in the world....

Lil Kiwi was screaming as we rushed her into the bathroom for a powder pat down and boo-boo cream. DH and I were running all possible reasons for what could have caused this. The medicine for her double ear infection (oooo yes I haven't posted about this yet... After three days with a 100 temperature we find out Monday that she has a double ear infection... It has been a long week thus the lack of posts and comments), new foods, bites, mites, etc..

Every thirty minutes I was snapping photos so I had something to show doctors if she didn't get better. By this time she had a dose of Tylenol and some Benadryl....

We put in Tinkerbell and sat down on the couch to watch a movie so we could monitor the swelling.

 DH finally took a small nap while I stayed up and kept watch. At about 2:30 in the morning we all headed to the bedroom to see about sleep. With the alarm set to go off every hour for Lil Kiwi checks.

By 3:30 we were up and calling to see how bad the ER was. We decided since I have always been the one at her appointments and such that I should take her. We also checked in to make sure Wee Man wasn't having an allergic reaction also; which thankfully he was not.

This is where the morning events got worst. I get in the minivan and nothing... I try again and nothing.... Remember that ooo something is wrong moment from before... Well, it was ten fold now....

Rushing back to the house I had the keys over to DH to try... Nothing... So, he gets his truck ready for us... Well, the only problem is that I have been telling him over and over that we need a second carseat for the truck.. AHEM... So, he had to get the carseat out of the minivan which was refusing to open the side doors... Over the front seats and to the truck...

Did I mention that it was about 10 degrees outside not including the windchill...

Finally an hour later Lil Kiwi and I were on the way to the ER... I would love to say I RUSHED to the ER but it's not true... I followed the speed limits... I called my mother even though for her it was like 3 or 4 in the morning and told her how nothing was going right and please pray and send warm thoughts... I caught every red light as soon as I was near the ER...

I followed the signs and parked at the parking garage. Then it got worst....

I couldn't find the ER.... It was cold... Lil Kiwi was screaming as the wind blew... I finally called the hospital to ask for directions to the ER... My cell phone beeping at me that the battery was about to die... The operator was confused and had me walking everywhere be where I needed to be...

"Get to the front of the building and then take the stairs down" (after I just was told to walk up them) etc...

I stopped two nurses that were leaving a building and asked where to go. As they started to tell me up and around the corner, one of them saw Lil Kiwi and then buzzed us in a side door. I walked in and asked where the ER was. Only to be greeted by nurses that looked up and asked how in the world I got in that door and then followed by OMG come with me.

She actually looks GOOD in this picture..
Lil Kiwi was a trooper like always. The nurses handed the job of temperature taking and medicine dispensing to me since Lil Kiwi refused to let any of them near her. They think it might be the medication she was given for her ear infections but they are not sure..

Everyone that walked by looked and commented on how horrid Lil Kiwi looked. *pout* It was so hard sitting there listening to nurses and EMT people say how bad she looked... Don't they see worst things everyday?

Being told your daughter that already has a list of medical issues is possibly allergic to a medicine that has penicillin in it is tough... One more thing to add to the list of thing I have to tell doctors... I can not begin to imagine how difficult it must be for those parents with child that have more serious issues...

We left the ER the same way we sneaked in thanks to the nurses.. All I wanted was to get home and let both of us get some sleep and food. It was still dark out when we got to the ER and it was now as bright as it could be.

Just miles from home we got stuck at a railroad crossing as the longest train in history went on its merry way.

No sleep all night/morning takes a toll on Lil Kiwi. At least someone got to nap on the drive home.
Finally home we spent the rest of the day napping and I got to eat around 5 in the afternoon.... Lil Kiwi is off the other medicine and is now taking steroids. While she is not as swollen as she was the redness is spreading. They said that she will have a rash for 3-4 days and if it isn't better to bring her in.

Well, I just changed her and now she is covered in red rash where she wasn't before.

My plans for this week are being cancelled; minus Thursday when I have to go fight the school to make sure Wee Man gets more speech therapy and the correct classes he needs.. Hmmm I think we all need a nice long vacation... Even though Wee Man was just out of school her a week and a half... *sigh*

We still have a rough week ahead of us since they are not sure what the reaction was too so we have to be watchful....

Mom thank you for being there for me at all the crazy hours...

I'm sure I have forgotten parts and I'm sure my sentences/grammer are atrocious but it's been a long week and I am running on a few hours of sleep (if that)....

*will update about our second trip to the ER that same day as soon as I am able... Currently, we are trying to make sure Lil Kiwi is as comfortable as possible.... Thank you to those that sent us prayers and warm thoughts...*


  1. OMG!! That poor baby!! So it was the ear infection meds that did this?? I would have FREAKED out!!! Good for you for taking her to the ER!!!

    Awww, big hugs to you & Lil Kiwi!!

    Noelle ♥

  2. OMG! How scary this must have been for all of you! I'm so sorry to hear that you guys went through all of this and most especially for Lil Kiwi. Hugs to you all and hope she is doing OK.

  3. Oh poor thing... it does look like an allergic reaction to me. My son once had an allergic reaction to sulpher eyedrops and his eyeball swelled up to 3x its size... hope she gets better soon!!!

  4. Oh my gosh Brooke! That is not the way to start the new year. I am so sorry and I sincerely hope Lil Kiwi is feeling better!

  5. Oh, poor Lil Kiwi! I hope they figure out what's causing this reaction soon, and how to fix it.

  6. oh, the poor baby girl! hope it's going away quickly.

    my baby boy (11 months) got his first ear infection on Christmas Eve Eve and we found ourselves in urgent care on Christmas Eve morning. He got a penicillin-based prescription and I was so scared he was going to have an allergic reaction on Christmas!

    Must be the time for ear infections. I know SO many people who have them right now! (I even have one)

    Sending warm, fuzzy thoughts of love to you and Lil Kiwi! (How did that nickname come about, anyway?)

  7. Oh my word. Poor Lil' Kiwi. I hope if it's a reaction to a medication, that they figure all of that out soon.

    I looked just like that once from taking an antibiotic. Turned out I am highly allergic to sulfa.

  8. poor lil kiwi--and poor frazzled worried mom. prayers, hugs, warm thoughts going your way!