Monday, October 25, 2010

Careful what you ask for

Wee Man didn't start talking until he was about three and a half years old. Does speech therapy twice a week to help his tongue learn how to move and make the correct sounds. They say he is doing wonderful and hope that soon he will be down to once a week. yeah!

I kept wishing he would start talking since he was passing milestones in other areas but he didn't. My mom and father-in-law told me that once he started talking I would be wishing for silence. BAH what do they know......

A LOT.....

Heavens... That boy will talk about anything and everything... Sometimes we understand and sometimes we don't.... There are times when I dream of silence for just a few minutes.... However, then I would miss moments like this one....

"MOM!!!.... My butt just wiggled... I think I need to go poop..." Wee Man states and heads for the bathroom.

Brings a smile to my face.... That's my boy.....


  1. No filter on that little one, huh?

  2. My gosh, you just gave me the biggest giggle!!!

  3. Too funny! Johnny is in speech therapy twice a week right now... Emma finally GRADUATED last week. For now, at least, they said - hmm...

  4. LOL, O-MY!! I know what you mean, my daughter NEVER stops talking, she's 7. I wouldn't be surprised if she talked in her sleep.

  5. That is funny! My son, Conan is the same age as yours but exactly the opposite. He said his first word at five months and began talking in sentences at one year.

    My youngest (15 mos) does not talk much, not like his siblings did anyway. I am not looking forward to when he does either. He can be quiet for as long as he likes.

  6. haha! I love this! SO SO SO TRUE! :-)