Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's time to have THE TALK

Yep.... someone in this household has been very naughty...

It seems that it's time to have "the talk"...

Four years... four years you have lived in this household...

*deep breath
So why... Why have you been so naughty this month?  Haven't I told you the importance of being "safe" and using the protection I give you!!

Do you know how embarrassed I was last week when I had to call a professional to ask about your problem.

*shakes head back and forth
No no no.... it doesn't matter if he is a friend it was still horrible to ask for help....

It has taken a whole month to get you free of your viruses...

How could you be so careless.... so naughty...

yes... my computer has finally gotten an "STV" (socially transmitted virus).... three years clean except for three small malwares and now a whole month of complete nastiness...


  1. Oh no! I'm glad you finally got rid of the viruses...

  2. sad--but your post was hilarious. How are you doing?

  3. LOL, love the commentary! Computers, such a love hate relationship... I'm sorry yours is acting up.

  4. LOL. That was funny. I haven't gotten an STV in a while.

  5. Eye, eye, eye!!! You tackled it with such a great sense of humor, though! Which I could stay that upbeat when my computer acts up!

  6. ROFL! You're too funny!
    Sorry about the STV. Those are no fun!!

  7. Ohhh I'm backing out now so I don't catch anything ... lol

  8. LOL! You make me laugh. I got a nasty one myself, and it nearly destroyed me computer. It was a Win32 worm. Old, but dangerous. It took MONTHS to get things back to normal. What was the virus you got called? Just so I can be on the look-out.