Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?

With all the bumps and bruises I get one would think I'm clumsy. When in fact I'm not; I am however accident prone... If there is one small piece of something sharp on the floor of a football stadium I would step on it.

In fact, DH sometimes calls me Kelso (from That 70s show) because you often hear me say... "Aww my eye"

Growing up was an adventure. Once I burned my hand very badly with boiling water and had to wear a sock for the summer. Not just any ol'sock... It was one of my brothers old used tricolored striped tube sock. I'm talking those retro 80s tube socks not the super sexy ones you can get today. So if you remember seeing a young girl running around with a tube sock on her ME. Yes I have pictures and no I will not be sharing them.

Even in college... During one of my classes for Marine Biology we were removing fish from the drift nets and identifying them. The professors told us they had release the big sharks and that only fish were in the net. There I was happily minding my own business when BAM I get bit by a shark. M'kay no sharks you say... Needless, to say I refused to get in the water the rest of the day.

They said it must have gotten there in the time between them releasing and us getting there. That I was lucky it was only a three foot Blue and that the net was between us. Tell that to my tummy that had abrasions from the sharks attempt to protect itself from me. For those not familiar with sharks a Blue shark at three feet is just a wee thing... almost like a tween...more bark than bite...

Any way.... Unless she got rid of it one of my friends took the head home with her to keep. I'm sure my mom remembers this story and the person (Bergh's little sister) that got the head.. OH and this was the same class that a few weeks later I cut my knee on a Quahog (hard shell calm) and got stung by a jellyfish right between my thighs. YEAH I'm accident prone..

So, last night the kids slide (think the large step 2 type slide) fell on my toes and I mumbled words while I stumbled around. It hurt too bad to be broken but I knew there was going to be bruising and tenderness. Off to bed I went thinking that was the end of that...

I should know better by now...

This morning I pulled on my snow boots to walk Wee Man to the bus stop. I am always getting after him to watch where he is going yada yada yada... Normally, that is something I always do but for some reason not this morning. I take a step and just as I realize something is wrong I hear...

"Mom.. watch your step"

A few dance moves later and I'm face down on the sidewalk. Ice.... Out of the whole sidewalk I found the one strip that was covered in ice. Wee Man offers to help me up and I'm telling him to just stay clear of the ice.

Bruised toes.... sore knees... scraped hands.... yeah that's about normal for this accident prone girl..

Now someone please tell me tomorrow really isn't Friday....

*edited to add* Great now I just banged my already bruised knee into the kids ABC dry erase board.. OUCH!

With the pending winter storm coming in a few hours I think it is best if I just get in bed and stay there until next week... Wonder if I could actually get away with that.. hmmm


  1. Those are some impressive accidents. Sorry to hear about the toe bruising and ice fall, but I'm glad nothing's broken.

    I'm more of a klutz than accident prone; I have a scar on my thumb where I cut through to the bone while trying to slice cheese...

  2. Oh my gosh. bless your heart. I hope you feel better quickly.

  3. You poor thing. Those are some amazing stories. They sound like things I would do! When I was 10 years old, I dropped a boat seat on my foot. One of the ones with the meatal tubes that hold it up. Got a nice scrape on the top of my foot. When I was 14 a friend of mine and I were hanging out when she started to run from my dog and kneed me in the eye. It sweeled up bigger than Rocky Balboa after his fight with Dolph Lundgren! and the list goes on. So, in short..I feel your pain!

  4. Oh no! It sounds like you need to be more careful. I bet you hear that a lot. I'm clumsy in the morning before I get my coffee. But then I am usually alright for the rest of the day.

  5. Can't tell you it isn't Friday but at least it won't be Friday the 13th.

    I am a klutz too, very much so when I was younger and now that I am older I am more so.Doesn't helo to have balance issues anyway without being klutzy, hope you oww ies go away soon!!

  6. You need to be wrapped in bubble wrap!

  7. LOL! I love BlueViolets comment... Bubble wrap sounds PERFECT! I am so sorry you are all bruised up... I think staying in bed is a wonderful idea, but I'm not thinking that's going to happen with 2 kiddos. =)
    Feel better!!