Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon at the Shenanigans

Picture this if you will.....

Snowmageddon is going to hit your area on Friday and Thursday Wee Man comes home from school and says....
"Mom, I think I just want to rest on the couch because both my ears hurt at school today"
translation: Mom I have a bilateral ear infection, the doctors office is closed, the huge snow storm hits tomorrow AND I have a 102 fever.. by the way I love you...

You call the doctor hoping someone is still there to answer the phone. Ring.. Ring.. Ring...
"Hello, *explain situation*"
"OH... Sorry all appointments have been put on hold because of the storm. You can talk to a nurse though."
transferred to nurse
"Hello, *explain situation again*"
"Sorry you will just have to take him to the ER because we aren't seeing anyone and I will not approve you to go to XYZ clinic."
"mmm Let me get this straight. You want me to drive 45 minutes plus to the ER instead of 4 minutes to you?"
You get the picture... It's tons of fun..

I started having flash backs to New Years Eve... However, I decided to wait till morning to call again.

The day Snowmageddon is going to hit....

Get very little sleep and then first thing call to see if the hold has been lifted...
"What's the situation... OH yes he needs to be seen... We are double booking but can get him in at 9am..."
Figure out how to get Mister Sicky Mcsickerson dressed and off the couch.... DOH! Rush to the bedroom to get Lil Kiwi up, fed, and dressed to go also.

Wait what's that... She feels hot.... A 102.8 fever?!  Bollocks!!
"Helllooo... It's me... BTW can that be a double appointment because mmm the other kid is sick too."
"mmm (mumbling sounds) Sure go ahead and bring her we will see what we can do"
After seeing the nurse practitioner (I dislike her very much but didn't have a choice) we head to Target to pick up the medicine. Then wait an hour for them to fill it because they are backed up... Window shopped while waiting and end up getting a ton of stuff when all I needed was the $4 medicine...

Then head home and wait... Wait for the storm.... Wait for the kids medicine to kick in... Wait.

Snowmageddon starts...

I made some tracks in the snow to see how much had fallen... However, in the time it took to get the camera they had already started to fill in... Ten minutes later they were disappearing before my eyes...

Went to bed at 0100 hours and it looked like this...

Got up at 0730 hours and it looked like this...

As of 1300 hours it looked like this...

Just a wee bit o'snow... Of course, that much snow in the backyard does make the dogs going outside to potty a bit difficult.... We shoveled a path for them to use but Fawn Dog decided she wanted to use her normal spot wayyyyy on the other side of the yard... She quickly changed her mind.

We also seem to have some new "pets".... See if you can guess what they are by the tracks in the snow...

Birds! You are correct... Each time it snows we have a few birds that use the porch for shelter and I always make sure to throw some bread crumbs out for them... At first they just sat around in the snow waiting for me to go back inside...

Apparently, the need for warmth was stronger than their fear of me so I was able to snap a shot.

One little birdie was still on the fence about joining the others....

I told him that I was going inside and it was safe to grab a crumb or two... He said "thanks, my feet were getting cold" or at least that's what I think he said...

Here's the snow picking up again and my cue to get inside where it is warmer....

Do not think we will be using the back gate anytime soon...


  1. We got hit hard too. So glad you got to get your kiddo to the dr. before the snow got bad! Love the photos of the birds!

  2. That's a lot of snow! I enjoyed the bird pictures, and I'm glad you were able to get appts for your kids!

  3. That is an insane amount of snow! I'm so glad you were able to get your kids in and I hope they feel better soon!

  4. So glad you got the kids to the doc and got their meds before that hit. I do wish we would get some snow.

  5. Love to read your posts!! Hope the Wee ones feel better soon. I always had the same thing with my first two children, ear infections all the time... the last two girls never had an ear infection at all...I do not envy you the snow, but that looks like what we usually get here in the Northwoods of WI.

  6. WOW!! That's a lot of snow! I'm so sorry about the kiddos too! =( Hope they are feeling a bit better now... Thinking of you guys!!

  7. what a storm--I'm glad you got the little one to the doctor before it settled in.

  8. wow! Thats all I can say. A bit of me is jealous, here in MI we have had like zero snow. Its just cold and ugly out.
    I am glad your little one is ok!

  9. You got a lot of snow! All we get around here in the winter is rain. I hope your kids start to feel better soon.

  10. Wow!!! That is a lot of snow. We only got about 4-5 inches here. Then the roads at least cleared off by the end of the day thanks to the massive wind we are now getting.

  11. Christina - - I remember a few years ago when we got 22 inches of snow here and I tried to walk Birdie (who loves snow, being part Siberian Husky) in it and all she could do was jump up and down, disappearing like the Lock Ness monster!