Sunday, May 23, 2010

Murphy's Law Reigns Supreme

Yesterday... Oh how I wish I could forget you.... Here is proof that some days it's best not to bake even if you were really really reallly craving something. *will post recipe at a later date*

I should have known better since the past few days my brain has not been cooperating with me. Yet, when the sudden craving for Popovers came to mind I set about finding the ingredients...

Being a simple recipe I had everything and even decided to try making them with coconut flour (figured they would taste sooo good).
Two stirs and I knew something was wrong. It wasn't batter but dough! So, I added some extra milk to thin it out and put them in the oven. This is what came out....

Hmm yeah... flat... dense... Bollocks! Not one to give up I went back to the normal ingredients just in case the coconut flour was to blame.

Take two...
Nice fluffy... light... airy....

Just look how much better they turned out compared to the first ones...

I was sooo happy until I opened one up and found the inside RAW! Seriously?! I rarely have baking issues and never back to back... We are having nasty weather so not sure if that was partly to blame but BAH...

First, thing this morning...

"Mom..... can you make pancakes?" Wee Man begs in the hall way.

"Hey Lil Kiwi, do you want pancakes this morning?" DH asks and she nods yes.

They have the nerve to ask me to bake not 24 hours after the Great Popover Fiasco.... they must be crazy...

Anyone else brave enough to post or comment about their baking/cooking disaster?


  1. Cant think of any specific disasters right now, but I know I have them. That's how dead my brain is right now! =)
    So how'd the pancake cooking go? =)

  2. I HATE it when I mess up in the kitchen, because all I can seem to focus on is the wasted food!! Can't think of a specific mess up right now, but there have been many! How did the pancakes turn out?!

  3. The comparison is absolutely hysterical!

  4. The only baking disaster I can remember was when I was in highschool I used a cookie sheet on the stove to make pancakes thinking it was a griddle. LOL. My dad was mad, I was a wise guy and he popped me one. LOL. I learned my lesson.

  5. One baking thing I've done at least twice is to leave the salt out of bread. Very bad - the bread doesn't rise and tastes awful to boot!