Sunday, May 30, 2010

Upcoming CSN giveaway

Some of you might remember my review a few months back. Well, they asked me if I was interested in doing another review or giveaway so of course I said giveaway. One of my readers deserves a chance to check out for themselves.
With the move date quickly approaching I have been looking at houses to rent just in case we can't get on-base housing. A lot of them have long walkways leading up to the house but no lights for night time. So, I have already begun looking for Eco Friendly Solar Lighting.
Since they are solar I don't have to worry whether or not we remembered to turn on the lights before we left, cords to trip over, and we can move them around with ease. I like the look of simple lights but some of these statue lights are adorable. For the backyard I think some tiki style solar lighting would be perfect.

So, keep your eyes open for the giveaway in the next few days....


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