Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To move or not to move

Currently, working on cleaning out the computer/dining room; which is harder than it sounds. So much paperwork to go through and decide what to keep or shred. I've decided that things need to be more organized next time no matter how big or small of a place they put us in. I so need to make a check list.

All of this getting ready to move activity has got me thinking. How are the kids going to handle it....

Lil Kiwi is young enough that I'm not too worried. In fact, the only part I'm really worried about right now is getting her into her own room. Finally (hopefully) we will have a three bedroom and we get our own she will get her own room. Wee Man is the one I'm more concerned about.....

Wee Man loved the last one and always talks about where we have been before however, now that he is older I'm not so sure. He informed me the other day that he wants to stay here when "WE" move. His plan is to live in the house alone and continue to go to the same school next year. *sigh* One second he is all excited about the new state we will move too and then the next he doesn't want to leave. How do you help a five year old with moving worries?

He understands that we have to move and even tells me when kids in his class have moved away. Thus one of the reasons why we fought to leave after he finished school this year. I figured it would be easier to start at a new school from day one and not half way through the year.  Yet, I fear this move is going to be tough on him. We talk about the positives and such but still it's a touchy subject sometimes.

Heck.... even the dogs are worried.... Not that I'm surprised since Black dog always gets nervous when we start packing. Fawn dog however has never done a move with us so it was surprising to see her get nervous also. Let me just say that trying to clean is difficult when you have two 80 plus dogs following your every move. Velcro dogs... that is what they have become... *laughing*

You know what I think I'm going to do tonight..... visit some blogs... I miss seeing what ya'll are up to.... Apparently, I also need to get on Facebook because I've been informed by more than one person to do it.. *laughing*  Also got some photos of the kids that I need to post... Sounds like a plan...

So..... What are some ideas to help Wee Man with this move.... I'm ready to listen read your ideas....


  1. You know, I would just sit him down and talk to him frankly. Tell him that you completely understand how hard it is to move again and that is can make you sad or angry but that it is ok to feel this way. Let him know that sometimes life is like this. We have to do things we don't want to do but usually it is the best for the family. Remind him that he is lucky to be seeing so many new places as many kids and even adults don't get to do that. Remind him that he will make new friends and if he would liek to get addresses of the others he can do that and write to them. Tell him if he is upset that he knows he can come talk to you or cry with you. Really I think that is the only way to handle something like that. Good luck and I do understand the velcro dogs. When we moved to Wyoming from Georgia we had one too. Too bad you can't explain it to them.

  2. Love that vivid description... velcro dogs. Funny!!!

    I've always been amazed at how much children and pets can read in our own emotions, especially when we think we haven't said anything to trigger their anxiety.

    I had two adopted kids who equated moving with changing families. So I tried to make it into a game. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But at least we *tried* to have fun... at least most of the time...

  3. Well, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Moving is such a hard transition. It sounds like it is hard enough just preparing to do so. I am sure it is going to take some major adjusting, but in the long run, your children will be just fine. Good luck, keep us updated!

  4. I wish I had some ideas, but I never moved when I was little. I hope you can come up with something. I can't imagine how hard it must be for a 5 year old. Poor guy.
    It's funny how dogs can sense when something is going on. I know what you mean about velcro dogs... And as cute as it can be, it gets old quick! LOL!
    Good luck! I wish there was something I could do to help!

  5. Oh, moving is never fun! One thing I remember helping as a kid was to pick out a toy or two that I was allowed to keep out of the boxes, and to pack my things in a box (with help from my mom when I was young, of course) and decorate the box. Gave me a tiny sense of control over the situation, although I still hated moving.

    Good luck with Wee Man!

  6. I know how you feel becuase we are moving from MD to DE at the end of June. It is alot of stress on the kids and parents but in the long run everything will would out for the best. I hope your move goes well. Good Luck.