Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cupcakes, Treats, and Birthdays oh my

With everything going on we decided to celebrate Wee Man's birthday tomorrow instead of on his actual birthday. What started off as just a few people at Chuck E Cheese has turned into a full on neighborhood party. I just finished with the grab bags and now have to decided what to tackle next...

The coolers and mini fridge are full of drinks for young to adult. Hotdogs are being cooked tomorrow at the party. That leaves me with two batches of rice krispies treats to make and about 4-5 dozen cupcakes to make and frost. Anyone want to help?


Guess I'm off to tackle the cupcakes. Oh and do not tell any of the party goers but I'm using boxed mixes! The horror I know..... but..... I just can not deal with making that many from scratch right now. Although there are a few young ones coming so I'm tempted to make applesauce cupcakes for them. (shrug) we shall see....

Now if it will just not rain tomorrow....

OH and I need tips for decorating the cupcakes... I just slap on the frosting and make them pretty but DH brought home some fancy application tipped bottle of frosting thingy...mmm yeah HELP ME!


  1. Someone told me once to put the frosting into a ziplock baggie and cut off one bottom corner and squeeze it out.
    Good Luck.
    Happy Early Birthday Wee Man!!!!

  2. I've done the ziplock thing before. Not that precise, but works.

  3. Happy Birthday Wee Man!!

    Sorry I am no help in decorating cupcakes since I am a man. LOL.

    Hope the rain stays away and the party turns out to be awsome. Sounds like alot of people will be coming. Good Luck!

  4. I wish I knew how to decorate too! Good luck! I'm sure it will turn out ok though.

  5. Hope the party was awesome! I think boxed mixes are just as good, so I wouldn't worry about it! =)
    Happy Birthday Wee Man!

  6. Happy Birthday to Wee Man! How did the party go?