Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long over due

Okay so you know that soon we will be moving basically cross country via vehicle with the kids. However, this weekend I will be flying with both of them by myself. Help me because I'm a nervous wreck!

I'm so excited and yet nervous at the same time... This will be the first time in over four years that I will get to see my brother and father. The last time was before we moved here and it's been forever it seems. What I'm nervous about is the long plane trip with two kids and then all the "things" we will need.
  • car seat/booster for Wee Man
  • place for Lil Kiwi to sleep (still in crib at this point)
  • me being able to survive the plane trip
  • etc....
At least I will have Lil Kiwi in her car seat so that isn't a problem. In fact, I am using the same gogo Kidz Travelmate that I used when Wee Man and I flew many years ago. If you fly with a young child that will be in their car seat you need to get your hands on this item because honestly it will save you time and gray hairs. After the trip I will have to post photos of Lil Kiwi in her car seat turned stroller. Lifesaver I am telling you.

Now I just need to get things in order since DH will also be leaving the house but not flying with us. Trying to think of everything the house sitter will need to know about the dogs. Yes... Yes we do have someone coming to stay with the dogs (not really to watch the house)... Spoiled pooches....

Okay, I am off to make a packing list.... Great now I'm worried about handling two kids AND luggage...


  1. It will be great, it really will!

  2. I have no advice, I'm flying with my little one for the first time next month, but I wanted to say good luck and have fun! I'm sure it'll be great. Have a fantastic visit!

  3. don't forget to take a moment to tell yourself you are having a good time :)

  4. You'll do great mama! Have a wonderful time!

  5. I flew by myself once with both of mine. Its stressful. I wrote a post about it too asking for tips and I got a bunch of good ones, I looked up my old post for you: http://www.mrs-marine.com/2008/03/traveling-with-children.html

    Take lots of snacks, and new small toys if possible. My kids end up snacking constantly on the plane, but it keeps them happy! Good luck and have fun!

  6. You are a brave woman! I've wrapped small toys for the plane, just because it adds the extra time of unwrapping (all thirty seconds of course). I've even wrapped toys they already own! My kids also do well with sticker books. I've wanted one of those travelmates for forever, but have yet to convince DH it's a good idea...

    Good luck, and I hope you have a fantastic trip!

  7. My kids were just a tiny bit older when we flew, and the airline attendants treated them like a prince and princess, even gave them wing pins and let them wear their hats for a few minutes. The kids LOVED being the center of attention.

    I don't know if airlines do stuff like that anymore, with the economy being the way it is, but it you clue the attendants in, I'm sure they'll pay a little extra attention to your little ones, and maybe that will help you feel a little more relaxed.

    Best wishes, and happy travels! I hope the move goes smoothly, as well!

  8. HAve a great trip. I am sure eaerything will work out just fine. Good Luck!