Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wee Updates

Just under a week left to visit with my family. The kids are loving seeing everyone and warming up to people fairly quickly. Wee Man is handling it much better than Lil Kiwi but she is doing a wonderful job.
She is taking to some family members more than others but for the most part being friendly to everyone. In fact, this evening she was sitting on the couch coloring with her Poppy. (all together now... AWWW)

I am also remembering what I loved about this state and what I loathe.... My parents still laugh at me when I call for "HELP" when I see a (gulp) cockroach. gross.... yuck.... ewww

They think it odd for me to be scared of them after all the weird things I have done. It's simple.... They FLY, can live without their head for two weeks, FLY, will be the last things on Earth to survive everything, and hmmm yeah they fly...

One of the problems I already see about getting back home is getting the kids back on a normal schedule. I'm already trying but Lil Kiwi is fighting it. (sigh)

Any advice?..... Tips..... Tricks.....


  1. HATE cockroaches, but also hate spiders. Check out this one. http://weloveiowa.blogspot.com/2010/06/not-so-wordless-wednesday-boys-will-be.html

    Good and bad everywhere perhaps?

  2. I am with you, cockroaches are NASTY! I hate them just as much as spiders. I saw big ones when we lived in VA.. Eww.
    If its the sleeping/napping schedule your referring to I would suggest skipping the nap one day so that bed time is "on time" that day. That way the next day should hopefully be back to normal schedule. Good Luck!

  3. I don't think I could ever get used to the cockroach thing either. I fear for that when I move south in the fall.

  4. Cockroaches and ticks do me in...

    Glad you're having a good visit. I don't have any great tips for the time change, other than to get them out in the sun during daylight hours when you get home, and to wish you luck!

  5. I gross out over creepy crawlies, too.

    Hope the rest of the visit goes well and that the move is smooth.

  6. Glad you are enjoying yourself there (besides the cockroaches! UGH!).

  7. Everybody's got to have something that freaks them out.