Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brain Mush and Peter Pan

Ever had those morning where you just seem to always be a step or two behind and your brain just doesn't want to work with you. (raises hand)

I think my brain has now officially become mush.... This has been a rough summer for the Shenanigans household ;thus the lack of posting. However, the cause of my brain mush is Lil Kiwi and her new obsession love of the movie Peter Pan....

In the beginning it was cute when she asked to watch it a second time and then acted out a few scenes. Wee Man likes to watch different things so I never understood those parents that said "we watch that movie at least 10 times a day" ...... Now I understand...

As soon as the movie ends Lil Kiwi is begging me to play it again. In fact, the last few days, if the TV was on so was Peter Pan.... I have seen it so much that I'm starting to pick it apart and while it looks all cute on the surface Peter Pan is one disturbed young man.

Agree... Disagree.... What other classic movie gets you thinking?


  1. Agree - unfortunately.

    Emma commented the other day that Snow White didn't have any friends who were girls, just animals and dwarves. And then I realized that I can't think of ANY animated female heroines who are friends with girls (besides the occasional female animal)! What's up with that?!

  2. My adoptive daugher did that with Lion King when she was young, and then Dante's Peak when she hit her teens. I still to this day don't really care for Lion King, but I can sit through Dante's Peak again.

    I'll bet she's enthralled with Tinkerbell. That's what captured me at that age...

  3. Oh I agree with you. He's messed up in the head! lol

  4. agree, most of those disney cartoons border on the weird side--but I especially hate the barbie movies.

    hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. LOL, we dont have Peter Pan, so I have not seen it in a long time. I have a tendency to over-analyze kids shows though... Why is it that in a majority of Disney movies, one or both of the parents are dead???

    My son likes to watch the movie Cars, over and over and over...

  6. So far I love Peter Pan, although I'm not being forced to watch it every day! LOL!
    So glad to see you on here again, hope to see more of you!

  7. Do you realize what you're doing? You are psychoanalyzing Walt Disney? Ladies! Ladies! These are the fairy tales we grew up with, and maybe even our mother's grew up with, but that's just what they are FAIRY TALES! Now, the constant repetitiveness gets kind of monotonous, but did you do the same thing when you were kid? I DID. I couldn't get enough of Cinderella. My own granddaughter made us watch The Emperor's new Groove over and over and over again! Drove me nuts, but I knew every word to the songs, and so did she. Is it wrong to know songs? Ok. I said too much sorry & thank you for stopping by Happy WW.

  8. Ok now I have to go back and watch the movie you got me thinking!

  9. @Xdolly Actually we are not doing anything that has not already been done. Just look up Peter Pan Complex and you will find a lot of information on medical conditions with that name.
    I for one was not allowed to watch disney (or much tv) during my childhood. I am not preventing my children from them.
    There is a difference between Fairy Tales and cartoon movies. Fairy tales were first started to scare people and teach a lesson. The cartoon movies of recent times (even those from the past) are just stories for entertainment or are softed versions of the hard original fairy tales...
    Perhaps I should have clarified myself more in my post but then again I was suffering from brain mush.... *smile