Monday, April 27, 2009

An Apple a Day

must keep my Doctors away...

Yep... For some reason every time I call to make an appointment for ME (which is rare rare rare) they never have appointments until the next month or longer... *sigh* Like say the end of May..

I then HAVE to make that appointment so I can then call the "nurse" and tell her I have an appointment and get a referral from her to go to the Clinic in town.... It normally takes the "nurse" a day or two to get back to you so you are pretty much S.O.L. for those days...

Then you sit at the walk-in clinic only to be told yada yada better or OMG the infection is so bad you need to be in the hospital... (yeah that was halloween last year hmm perhaps I shall tell that horror story later)

Jumping through all those hoops just so my medical insurance will pay for the appointment... *sigh*

Is it any wonder why I never go to the doctor unless I realllllly need to go... Oh and yes I actually do have a great plan... It's the area and the people my husband work for that bite the big one on medical care...

The sad part is everyone knows that you call, make appointment, call nurse, get referral, and then go to walk-in clinic... Then way can't I just go to the walk-in clinic OR better yet if no one ever goes to the doctor then what are they doing all day long?!?!

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