Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quoth the Raven

So, a little known fact about Momma Shenanigans is......

I adore Edgar Allan Poe...

While he did live a rather odd life and his death was surrounded in mystery; he was a fantastic writer. He contributed greatly to the genres of horror and science fiction, in fact, Poe is now considered the father of the modern detective story and highly lauded as a poet. Ahhh yes, dark macabre works call to me.

Two months ago, I walked into the local Ollies (a super awesome discount store) and almost drooled when I found a book filled with Poe's works. After thumbing through the pages I start plotting my plan to buy the book. Yet, how can I get DH to agree to getting a book that isn't for the children. BAH! Realizing I don't even know how much it costs I flip it over..... $49.99 marked down to $12.99..... My heart flutters... My fingers run over the smooth fake gold covered page edges...
I start to hatch my plan... First, place highly wanted treasure down on the table where I found it. Which is the worst idea because in this store that might be the only one. Second, make eye contact with DH. Third, act surprised and pick up said highly wanted treasure and try not to drool all over it. Fourth, make a comment about how great Poe was and what a nice book this would be for the kids (many many many years down the road). This is where DH surprised me with agreeing but also suggesting we visit Poe's grave and take pictures of the kids to put in the book (my plan all along) ..... Then watch as the book is placed into the cart and then make sure nothing else in the cart touches it.

Well, today we drove down and took some pictures of Edgar Allan Poe's grave, memorial, and house. Not too many pictures because in the rush to get there someone (raises hand) forgot to grab a new SD card so the one we had was full. Ballox!!!! What was I thinking or rather not thinking... Anyway... Below are a few of the photos from today... Enjoy...

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

Did you know that a mysterious Poe Toaster visits Poe’s grave on his birthdays and leaves a partially filled bottle of cognac and three roses. On the site where he was first buried (seen in picture 2) now stands a stone with a carving of a raven and the inscription;

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore Original Burial Place of Edgar Allan Poe From October 9, 1849 Until November 17, 1875.......

In a dedication ceremony in 1875, Poe’s remains were reinterred with his aunt Maria Clemm’s in the Poe Memorial Grave (seen in picture 1) which stands in the cemetery’s corner at Fayette and Greene Streets. Letters from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Lord Alfred Tennyson were read, and Walt Whitman (another of my favorites) attended.


  1. ooooo that's amazing!!! and I love that last photo!!!

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  3. I'm a Poe fan too! I remember having a sleepover and my friend and I were freaking each other out by reading his poems out loud. I have visited the Poe Museum in Richmond, VA - very small place, but informative and with a nice quiet garden. I said to my mom that if I wasn't already planning to get married in NC, the garden would be a nice place for a wedding. Both my mom and my husband-to-be looked at me like I was crazy! :p

  4. So neat that you guys visited there! LOVE that last picture of Lil Kiwi! Awesome!