Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lil Kiwi Recheck and More

Several things happened today.. Some GREAT and some well not so good but I'm too happy to let the other stuff get me down today... I was able to get Lil Kiwi's PCM to agree to give us a referral for a second opinion... So, tomorrow I get to call and see how long before we can get an appointment.. SWEET....

I have even more good news..

Today, we officially got the word that Lil Kiwi's surgery back in June was a success. *doing the happy dance* Which also means NO MORE DAILY MEDICINE!!!! Since 6 weeks old everyday Lil Kiwi had to have her medicine but no more... *happy dance*
Words can not describe how elated I am.... In fact, the other possible problem isn't even an issue really... Dr. V said that now she will always be at risk for infections and that we have to be extra watchful.... No biggie... I am already a watchful hawk when it comes to Lil Kiwi... *pausing to do another happy dance*

Can you tell how excited I am!!!

However, there was also some not so good news... BAH Dang it... I took the
x-rays of the mystery bone in for Dr. V to see... He asked what Dr. D had said about Lil Kiwi's spine... Huh? Well, she was more focused on her hips and that bone... Well, it turns out he thinks he sees some serious issues with it and told me he was glad we were getting a second opinion... Then he proceeded to say he was going to write a letter to Lil Kiwi's PCM telling her that she needs to get more imagining done on Lil Kiwi.... He also told me which Dr. would have the best chance of knowing what to do with Lil Kiwi's extra bone and spine... Have I mentioned before how much I really like Dr. V...


  1. good luck for all and glad for the bit of good news :)

  2. Yay for no more medicine for Lil Kiwi!

    I'm so glad you have at least one doctor who is really looking out for Lil Kiwi.

  3. YEA...no more meds...glad to hear that surgery was a success. I am anxiously waiting our next U/S to see if we have an issue with both kidneys!

    I am sorry that you are dealing with the extra bone, but it's great that you are able to get a 2nd opinion. I think that's important with such an unknown!!

  4. hooray for good news and little jigs that make mamma's of wee ones happy.

  5. That is great news that the surgery was a success! I'm sure getting rid of the daily meds has been a huge relief!

  6. So happy with you for the good news. Also a blessing that you have such a wonderful dr for her! Prayers continuing!!