Friday, September 18, 2009 Review

A few weeks ago I told you that I was going to be doing a review of a kids dinnerware set. Without further ado...

Introducing the largest online retailer of home furniture, CSN Stores. One of their largest branches of products is their "Home Accessories," which includes their grand supply of dining room furniture. They sell formal and casual dining sets, as well as bistro & pub sets and breakfast nooks. also offers a nice selection of dining accessories, dinnerware, flatware, and linens. With so many different items to choose from everyone is bound to find something they want.

I love being in my kitchen and when we stop moving every few years I have plans...big plans... Normally, I am all about matching and color; however, in the kitchen I like the food to be my color. For that reason the  notNeutral collection caught my eye. The collection has modern fun funky designs and some that are classic and simple.

They even have placemats, napkin holders (wee little ants too cute), piggy banks, and wooden blocks. The wooden blocks were even featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine in September 2008. I'm telling you adorable.

As much as I like the patterns of the notneutral collection, I picked an item from Now Designs. Why you ask. Well, because Lil Kiwi is the only member of the family that didn't have a dinnerware set and it was about time she did. The set we picked is so much better than the cheap sets that can be found at other stores. It comes with a bowl, soup plate, drinking cup, fork and spoon. (fork and spoon not in picture)

They are lightweight, durable, heat resistant up to 120 degrees and dishwasher safe. Lil Kiwi helped unpack them and sat on the floor looking them over for several minutes. (which means she dropped them a few times and rolled them around) Not a single chip or mark was on them. The soup plate is fantastic! Pasta that use to spill right over the edge of the plate now stays put. The edge of the soup plate helps get the food on the spoon and into Lil Kiwi's mouth.

The only thing I don't like about this set is the fork. However, that is only because Lil Kiwi is still learning how to feed herself. In my opinon the fork is a tad too sharp for wee ones that are still learning, otherwise it would be fine for older kids.

Speaking of wee kids and learning to eat. I think this Eric Carle set would encourage any wee one to eat their food.... Say it with me awwwww....

I browsed the dining room furniture and found so much that I would love to buy. If you know just what you like there is also a search categories on the left side on DiningRoomDirect's site. Finding the next piece of dining room furniture you need or other dining room accessories is as simple as a click.

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  1. Those dishes are adorable. I love the Eric Carle set.