Monday, April 25, 2011

Realizing just how much

Having a baby is expensive!

Here we are with two wonderful children and no plans for anymore. So we finally get rid of the baby gear and such; only to find out a few months later that I was pregnant. Don't get me wrong I am not the naive 1st time mommy that thinks we need all the gear (shakes head remembering when I was) . Yet, it's those basic baby gear items that seem to be the most expensive ones.

With only a little time left before the newest wee shenanigans joins the family I have started making my NEED list.
1. New crib mattress
2. Playard
3. Highchair
4. Super soft and cuddly blanket
5. A few onesies..socks..babylegs..
6. Diapers (so want to go cloth but scared)
7. Car seat
8. Cuski (got it already)
9. Bottles
10. ....

Then of course there is the Maybe list.
1. Good breast pump (just in case)
2. ....

and last but not least my I WANT IT list...
1. Personal Assistant to make sure I don't leave the house in PJs or worse!!!
2. Full nights of peaceful sleep
3. Everything to be perfect
4. Magically have a house waiting for us when we move a month after baby is born.
5. .....

I'm sure I have forgotten a lot of the Needs but I'm doing good right now to remember that much. Mommy brain has already hit me and I still have two months to go!

So..... I'm asking for help.... What items did I forget so far.... and feel free to add to my other lists if you so like... (smile)

What does one NEED for a newborn?...


  1. Babies are super expensive!

    Do you have a stroller? My other favorite baby gear item is my ERGO carrier - gold for babies who want to be held all the time (all three of mine!)

    We use cloth diapers part time - prefolds with Thirsties covers have been the best solution I've found. Two of my sisters cloth diaper part time as well - one uses the same system I use and the other one bought the real nappies birth to potty training kit. She likes it, but agrees with me that snaps are better than velcro (and real nappies covers are all velcro). I have to use disposables at night time, though - and still have to change those in the middle of the night. Just my kids, I guess!

  2. I was also going to say a good baby carrier! With 2 other kids to run around after, plus things that will have to be done with 2 hands, a baby carrier is a must! I love my ERGO, but preferred my Moby Wrap when Connor was a little baby. I use them both now, but as a new baby, Moby was my go to carrier!
    You should def try cloth! We are not using them currently... Ever since birth, Connor has been, well, very regular... =) Because of this he kept getting horrible rashes. Now that he is slowing down a bit, we plan on trying them again. Aside from the rashes, I loved cloth! =)

  3. I'm a new follower, from TPRP. I hope you will come follow me too.

  4. Newest follower from TPRP, my babies a re all full grown but I do remember how costly things were!

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  5. I think you need to move your I WANT It list right up to the top!

  6. looks like you are doing good to me.

  7. Well look on the bright side maybe you will get some cool new stuff that they didn't have with the first two. I'm always amazed at what's available for my grandkids that wasn't for my kids and it's seems it was only a blink of the eye ago.

  8. Cant think of anything your forgetting... But its been a while since I had a baby... I did Cloth diapers with my second, I would recommend it!! If you need any advice let me know!