Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wind, Rain and Tornadoes OH MY

This morning my mother and I were chatting about the crazy weather that has been happening. I'm certain Mother Nature is none to pleased with something or maybe it's just that time of the year. Shortly, after I told her we survived the tornado warning over the night; my house phone rang....

"This is blah blah blah.... The National Weather blah blah blah... the tornado warning has been extended until 3 PM... Please take all blah blah blah......"


Now I'm sitting here listening to the down pouring of rain and rolling thunder not too far away. Hoping that is all my neighbors and I will have to deal with. Yet, as I continue to see the death toll rising with each news update; it's hard not to feel a wee bit scared and worried. Now I am not too worried since this isn't a normal thing for this area but if I hear the siren blast oh yeah I'm going to head for cover.

I can not even begin to imagine how those that have already been hit by the tornadoes must be feeling. My heart goes out to all those effected by the most recent storms.

EDITED to add...

Seems like the wind, rain and tornadoes have subsided.... yoo hoo!!


  1. Glad the storm didn't hit you too hard! I have two siblings in Alabama, both are okay and not in the hardest-hit region, but sounds like they had a scary night!

  2. Yikes, so glad we dont have to deal with any of that here in Arizona. Glad everything has subsided around you! Phew!