Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Quiet Time

Horrid storms blew through here until this morning and it's still a tad yucky outside. Thus the kids and I are spending a quiet Sunday afternoon reading.

Which is great. Wee Man is curled up reading his newest Scooby Doo chapter book.
Chapter books are the only thing that he will read now that he is a (ahem) big boy. While he is in the top reading group in his class and reads very well; momma knows he still skips a few words here and there. As a special gift from his Nonnie, he was allowed to pick out his very own bookmark and he is reading more than ever. I'm also proud that he decided to read this book because and I quote...."Where are the pictures? I thought there were pictures..." followed by a small frown.

Also a gift from Nonnie was a set of Princess board books (25 of them) for Lil Kiwi at Christmas. They are great little books and each one teaches a lesson. Having faith in yourself, being kind to others, courage, beauty within, saying thank you or please, etc....
She loves having me read them in groups of characters or color. They are also the perfect size for her to look read them herself and short enough that she stays interested.


  1. Those princess books sound neat! I can't believe Wee Man is already reading ONLY chapter books!

  2. Love the princess books, very cute! I want to find some good chapter books for my daughter, she will be 8 next month.