Monday, March 29, 2010

Always something

happening at the house of Shenanigans...

It started when Wee Man actually lost his first tooth at school somewhere... and now Lil Kiwi is the troublemaker...

Honestly, I was having flashbacks from the new year visit to the ER... Lil Kiwi had some type of rash across her back and chest but it was not the same so I did not freak out....much...

Since Thursday she has had a temperature of at least 99.0 but no more than 99.8...

Her mood has been less than stellar with mood swings left and right...

Asking for food/drink and then refusing to eat (unless it is fruit or a fruit strip)...

No real naps for two days now... Add that on top of the fact that she does not sleep much at night either (which means neither do I).

She has also been grabbing her diaper a lot. Since she is at risk for UTI (due to medical issues) I have to be careful and try to prevent them. Thus far we have been lucky and she has not had one but I still worry.

The problem is that I know she is cutting two teeth right now and that could explain most of the things going on; however, that does not explain the diaper grabbing... We are also potty training or I guess it's more like the potty is there and IF she wants to get on we let her. She has used it a few times and I'm sooo proud of her but these times she doesn't want or ask to use the potty. Which has me wondering if she is grabbing because it's uncomfortable from a UTI or if it's nothing..

UGH... To call my good for nothing doctors or to wait and see if it's just teething..

The good news is she was so worn out from two days without naps that last night she actually slept most of the night without fussing. Which means I got some of the best sleep I have had in months.. *happy camper grin*

In fact as of 0822 she is still sleeping but was whimpering earlier... Yes, I am probably over analyzing it and it's just her teeth coming in; yet with all the little things that are different with her it's hard not to over analyze.

Bah I spoke too soon... She is awake.... Let the day officially start... NOW


  1. Poor Lil Kiwi and poor mom! Hope she feels better soon, and that it's not a UTI.

  2. Oh bless her heart. It probably is her teeth and the grabbing thing I think they just do when they start realizing they go.

  3. I'm hoping it's just the teething!