Thursday, March 25, 2010

What if there is no tooth for the tooth fairy

Does the Tooth Fairy visit if there is no tooth to collect?

That was the question Wee Man asked and I honestly didn't have an answer for him.

On Sunday morning Wee Man informed us that his tooth was loose. Upon inspection it was found to be a little loose but nothing major. I figured this weekend we would get some supplies and make a tooth chest for Wee Man to put his tooth in while it waited for the Tooth Fairy to take it.

Sunday Evening... All he talked about was putting his tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

Monday morning it was still a little loose but I warned Wee Man about being careful at school... Packed a safe lunch and warned him about eating with a loose tooth. He returned from school with tooth intact.

We caught him playing with his tooth once or twice that evening and explained why he should not be touching his tooth. I know he wasn't listening to anything we said but we are parents and that's what we do. Of course, I should clarify that his playing was more like pulling on it and we didn't want his tooth to come out before it needed to.

Tuesday morning first thing I hear from Wee Man is.... "My tooth is really loose."  Sure enough it was really loose, seeing as how it had only been two days, but it was still in there pretty good.

Halfway though breakfast he comes into the kitchen tissue in his mouth and grinning to tell me his tooth was bleeding. We had the warning talk (again) and I told him to be extra careful today. I didn't think it would be coming out but you never know.

As he come running off the School bus the first words out of his mouth were... "I lost my tooth"

"Did you tell your teacher and where did you put it" I asked excitedly

"I lost my tooth before specials.... I lost it" Wee Man explained

Then the dreaded question....

"Mom.... will the Tooth Fairy still visit if I lost my tooth?" said with a bit of concern.

"I don't know Wee Man... I guess we will have to see..." 

A call to Nonnie (my mom) for some advice and some brainstorming came up with this solution...
A nice note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened and hoping she would still pay for the tooth that was missing at school...

*insert a truly funny evening of DH and Me here..... can't write details because someone in the family can READ and well that pretty much explains it*

Wednesday morning I was in the kitchen when I hear Wee Man running down the hall and into the kitchen.

"MOM.. MOM.... Look Looook..." holds up the tooth chest "She came and left a note and money!" Wee Man squealed
Now... I don't know about you but that Tooth Fairy is one sweet fairy.... Not only did she write a note to him but she also left him 2 dollars for his missing tooth. Apparently, the going rate for a child's 1st lost tooth is high..

As far as I can guess the missing tooth is/was in Wee Man's tummy... Specials is a few classes after lunch so I think Wee Man swallowed it with out realizing it.. He thinks it's at school... Only the Tooth Fairy really knows....

I only hope that the next loose tooth doesn't go missing....

So.... Do you think the Tooth Fairy was right?  What is the going rate for teeth anyways?


  1. Oh no!! What a cool tooth fairy though! I have no idea what the going rate is... Let me know when you find out!! =)

  2. I think that's about what my nieces and nephews get for a tooth. I love the tooth fairy note! Maybe my brother's kids might get more, but their dad also once paid them $1 per folded pair of socks (my SIL was not pleased when she found out!)

  3. Inflation! I didn't get that much for my first tooth! Haha.

    I think that is probably about right, though. What a GREAT tooth fairy!

  4. Fantastic Plan B! The Tooth Fairy is a fairy, after all - she has hers ways and means of finding teeth gone astray.

  5. so cute!!! I think $2 is good. To be honest, I think I paid my daughter who is now 11 and losing molars, for her first tooth only, then she was so proud of herself for realizing the tooth fairy wasn't real, that I stopped paying her! ha! mean mom. Anyway, my little man has 4 years to go or so, wonder what I'll be paying then!! yikes!!

  6. This is just about the cutest story I've read in a long time! Thanks for the lift! Cute, cute photo of the toothless Wee Man, too!

  7. Cute story. Glad to hear that the tooth fairy still came.

  8. Our oldest is almost 6 w/ NO loose teeth yet, so we havent had the honor of hosting the Tooth Fairy in our home yet, however, I think this is a PERFECT solution & I would/will do the same thing!

    LOVE his pic too :)

  9. Sounds like a good rate to me. Ladybug lost her tooth night before last also. And lost it, lost it. Luckily her mom found it under the night light. Apparently it came out in the night and she was looking at it under the light.