Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monster Jam Vs. Wee Man

Two weeks ago I posted Wee Man's photo with a friends Mini Monster Truck for Wordless Wednesday. I love how he still wants to be a driver even though he is scared of heights. That's my Wee Man...

Well, we just happen to notice (after searching the Internet) that Monster Jam was going to be having an event within driving distance. Since we never know where we will be stationed next we couldn't pass up the chance to let Wee Man see the trucks/drivers up close and personal. So, we looked into getting tickets however there was a problem.

The meet and greet in the pit with the drivers was only on ONE day.... well... guess what... DH was told the day he was buying the tickets that (ahem) he was going to be working the last weekend of February. DH's job in the military is of course 24/7 however his work days are M-F so this weekend clinic came as a surprise. It also meant that Wee Man wasn't going to get to meet the drivers or see how BIG the Monster Trucks are. The tickets were purchased and kept a secret from Wee Man and everyone else that talks to him.. ie the grandparents....

Do you know how hard it is to keep this kind of a secret from your child is... for a month! oooo it was horrid...

The night before the big day we showed him the printed out tickets. He slowly read them and then looked at us and asked when. It was all he would talk about the next morning and was counting down the minutes. No, seriously he was.

"It's now 11:30..... 11:31....11:32...."

Ear protection, coats, hats, money, more money and a camera. I gave DH the old camera (that I hate) but didn't have a spare SD card so they were going to stop and get one. This is an important thing to remember for the rest of this story....

A few hours later they call to tell me they are sitting in the parking lot and how much fun it was. In the background I can hear Wee Man rambling 100 miles per hour about all that happened. Was so great to hear him so happy and excited since he has been kinda down lately.

DH starts to relay what happened.... During the event there were four trophies being awarded to the driver/trucks and Grave Digger took three of them. If you have ever watched you know that sometimes they give stuff to the people in the audience. Gary Porter walked right in Wee Man's direction AND then gave the trophy to the three boys sitting next to him. OOOO my heart broke.. I just know how that would have made Wee Man's week.... month.. possibly his whole year.... Not sure what we would have done with it because it was taller than him.

Then DH tells me that the father of the boys offered to take a photo of DH and Wee Man with the trophy.... Sadly, the POS camera wouldn't take the SD card DH got because it's one of the new HD/SD thingys and some older cameras (that companies send out when they refused to send back your nicer one) don't take the new cards... sooooo

Talk about having your heart sink down to your knees.... Not getting the trophy and then not getting a photo with it... ugh....

Of course, Wee Man didn't think twice about it and thought it was sooo cool that Grave Digger gave away his trophies. I love my Wee Man... We already told him that if we are close enough the next time they are doing an event he can go again.

He is already planning for that day.....


  1. So sorry you didn't get pictures, but this sounds like an absolute blast for wee man!

  2. Oh, that broke my heart, too. But I'm so glad he got to go!

  3. That's too bad that your camera couldn't capture that moment. I bet he had an awesome time, though.

  4. What a bummer you dont have a picture... But Wee Man has memories to last forever. So cool!