Saturday, March 6, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

and not a drop I did drink.... Okay so there wasn't water everywhere but you get the point.

Wednesday I had a plan. I was going to actually visit all of your blogs for WW. Since DH had leave this week I figured I would have all day to sit at the computer and comment away. Instead, we ended up running errands all day.

Since we were only going to be gone for a little bit (cough cough) I only brought something for Lil Kiwi to drink. So I drank maybe 1/3 of a soda and that was it for the day. By the time we got home I was already moody and I'm sure it being that time of the month didn't help. Ate leftover Chinese and then was super chilly.

Curled up on the couch and kinda sorta remember DH getting the kids to bed and then telling me he was going to work for a little bit. After that I remember nothing.....

Then I woke up but couldn't move.... I couldn't open my eyes... I couldn't do anything and my arms felt like they were asleep. In my stupor I figured they were asleep and that the heater dried my eyes. I went back to peaceful sleep.

That is until DH got home....

He was pinching my arm and asking the same question over and over again. I tried to answer but couldn't. Finally, I was able to make meeping sounds according to DH. I couldn't open my eyes because they felt like sandpaper and I was like a rag doll trying to move.

DH forced me to drink water and kept me awake for awhile. He said he was sooo close to calling the EMS because I was that bad. It was horrible the next morning until I drank some more water.

So.... DRINK people.... Keep hydrated... I think I'm going to look into some more water bottles because that's the only way I remember to drink. If I see the bottle I drink otherwise I could go all day without drinking....

Anyone else like me and need reminders to drink? or what do you do to remember to drink?


  1. wow! do you normally drink water throughout the day? I've gone a day like that, with no liquid, but never have what happened to you, happen to me! Scary! To really remember, and to get the habit going, in the past I have lined up 8 glasses of water (or 4 are filled, 2nd half of the day, I fill the other 4) and since my kitchen is grand central station, I see those glasses, and just drink. I don't do that everyday, but when I notice I am forgetting to drink, I do it. Good luck!!!

  2. omgoodness! that is scary:( glad you are ok now, please drink your water hun!! i'm gonna go have some now!

  3. Dehydration is a funny thing,it makes a person goofy and out of it...I had a kidney infection a few years ago, hubby had to call ambulance. THey were asking me questions and I for the life of me could not answer. All I remember was the very cute fireman in my living room. And here were 2 of them!LOL Seriously I always have a water bottle wherever I am...glad you fell better..

  4. That's scary! I am bad about drinking water. I drink Coffee in the morning and half of the time that's all I drink throughout the day. I'm bad. Luckily at least Hubby and I have the habit of always having a tall glass of ice water on each of our nightstands at night. So I usually drink then at least...

  5. wow, I'm glad you are ok--you must have been rundown before missing a day of water. Pamper yourself a little girl!

  6. Wow! Scary! I'm so glad he was able to bring you out of it! That is crazy that just one day of little to drink did that to you!
    I have a hard time remembering in the morning, but by the afternoon I'm SO thirsty and I make up for it (and then keep myself from sleeping good because I'm up to rid myself of all of it! LOL!).

  7. Thank gosh you are ok! Thank gosh your husband made you sit up and drink something.

    I have done that before, and it's awful. I now make sure to drink at least four bottles of water a day. It's SO important!