Friday, March 12, 2010

Why is the question of the day

Okay I'm stealing a moment at the computer while Lil Kiwi is drinking her milk.

Today I'm moody.... Why? That is my question of the day

WHY.... tease us with two days of lovely warm sun only to give us rain for five days?

WHY.... do men refuse to ask for directions OR listen when we tell them we will ask?

WHY.... do children push push push our buttons (literally and figuratively)?

WHY.... does my computer sound like it's working so hard to stay on?!


WHY.... is it that when I'm in a mood like this.... one look at Lil Kiwi being silly or that hug from Wee Man before he gets on the bus... makes it all better

and why is it that the very wee folks that drive us to insanity are the same ones that keep us sane

So... what is your WHY?


  1. I totally understand moody. Been there! :)

    My WHY...

    WHY do I have to blow my nose every five minutes and feel like my head's gonna blow up?

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a better weekend and your mood improves.

  2. I have asked myself many of those same Why? questions before. And just when you think you have found the answer, you realize you haven't.

    I hope you have a better weekend and rest of the day today.

  3. WHY did I just go thru a drive through and order ONLY a drink and NOT receive a STRAW?????????

  4. If you discover the answer to that you will be one of the wisest in the world.

  5. I like your whys, and I like how you finished it up. Very thoughtful and tender. When I first saw that you had posted a "Why", though, I thought it was going to be about Layla Grace, and I was about to attend a memorial service for a family member of my own. So I couldn't read it then. I'm glad I stopped back now. Very heart-warming!

  6. Why does my husband always have to deploy when others get the good jobs that don't deploy... One day I hope it will be our turn to get the break...

    Nice post!