Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Clean, fresh drinking water is essential to human life. Yet, most people prefer other sugar-laden drinks to water. Is it any surprise why kids also go for the juice or soda before water when they are only following in our footsteps.

We all know how important water is for the human body. Why is it then that more often than not we allow our children to drink sugar filled drinks over water. Let me ask you this... How much water has your child had today?

I'd like to introduce you to

WAT-AHH is what kids are screaming for. From the young kids to the tweens that just have to have their "own" drink. No more boring water that looks like mom and dads; this has a "cool" design and look.

Of course, it was parents that came up with a way to make water more appealing to kids...

WAT-AAH! is the epitome of a momprenuer! We are a small business launched by four determined mothers and one concerned father. Our mission is to fight the battle against childhood obesity and to teach kids that healthy bodies can be obtained through healthy hydration. Together with our 12 kids, we have created an appealing brand– a brand full of attitude and spunk, enough to convince kids to stay away from sugar-laden beverages like sports drinks, sodas and“fruit” juices.
WAT-AAH! has absolutely NO sugar, NO artificial flavors, colors and/or unnatural additives. WAT-AAH! is ultra pure water containing just the right amount of essential minerals to fortify and maintain children’s health.

WAT-AHH has four products currently...

  • WAT-AAH! Bones, the first premium water with calcium to help bone growth

  • WAT-AAH! Brain, the first premium water with added electrolytes to encourage faster absorption, hydration and cooling down

  • WAT-AAH! Energy, the first premium water with electrolytes and oxygen for increased metabolic function and energy

  • WAT-AAH! Body, the foundation for the brand with simple and super clean water, absolutely free of sugar

My family was one of the several to participate in the drink WAT-AHH challenge. Many of you know that my husband does not drink much water and I fear my son has started to follow in his footsteps. He is at that stage where he does everything daddy does so I thought why not try WAT-AHH and see what happens.

We received WAT-AHH! Brain and WAT-AHH! Body to try. They were placed in the drink refrigerator and we waited. Normally, he comes home from school and sits in front of the drinks while deciding which one he wants and then comes running to me and asking if he can have it. This time he sat down. Looked at all the drinks and then surprisingly grabbed the WAT-AHH and asked if it was his. After getting the okay to drink it he didn't even get up before taking his first sip.

When asked how it tasted he say "Like mmm B-O-D-Y... It's good..." So, I took a sip and well it tastes just like it should... Plain.... Simple... Clean... Crisp... Water

Sadly, I'm not sure if he will continue to drink water or WAT-AHH since he still asks for milk and juice first. However, he has asked for some water a few times so perhaps there is hope.

I like that, besides tasting like water, it has absolutely NO sugar... NO artificial flavors, colors or unnatural additives. The WAT-AHH comes in BPA-free bottles and are 100% recyclable.

Okay, I know you are asking yourself just how can I get my hands on some of that wonderful sounding WAT-AHH. If you live in the NYC area you are in luck as several stores carry it. For the rest of us we can order it online HERE...

Interested in finding out more about WAT-AHH, head on over to their blog or check out the WAT-AHH site. Or better yet have your family take the drink WAT-AHH Challenge and see how they do.


  1. I've seen this on some other blogs. Maybe it's time I go see what is so special about this water. My kids are pretty good about drinking water but sometimes they want a change.

  2. I actually tried this water and everyone in my family seems to like it a lot. Thanks for sharing the great review with all the readers!