Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winners of the Anniversary Giveaway

I would like to thank everyone that came by and left some advice for my blog... It's a work in process and there were a ton of great ideas... Some I already wanted to do and now I need to figure out how to do; while others I had not thought of... Remember, it has been years since my last blog and even though they are now cookie cutter blogs it's taking this pup awhile to learn...

So, while I could ramble on and on this morning I will cut it short since the baby is waking up and I still need to get Wee Man ready for school...

I pulled 5 numbers at random and not ONE of those had an email address for me to email them at!!! It was amazing how many people didn't have their email address in the blogger profile or that I couldn't look at their profile... Got me thinking I should check my own... So I did..

Then I pulled another set and emailed the winner.... However, since so many people entered I decided to have a runner up.... The runner up gets to pick what $10 gift card that would like....

*drum roll.........*

Sarab997 is the winner
Nickyle is the runner up winner

Congratulations to them both... Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.... We had Guinness Stew and it was yummmmy.... Will be adding the recipe this week... Along with other recipes as soon as I can figure out how to do that silly menu bar at the top....

1 comment:

  1. Thank you WEE SHENANIGANS for picking me as your runner up.

    I received my prize in record time (along with some great conversation). I know some worry about the trustworthiness of some bloggers and if they actually send out the non- personal friends, well don't worry here. This blog owner is awesome!

    She informed me she will be holding more giveaways so if you haven't already you should follow her blog, just click on the 'follow' button on the right side of the page :)