Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can see clearly now...

Turns out that little Kelso moment with my eye was kinda a big deal. No one is sure what I did (including the Dr) but I had a nasty deep laceration on my eye. Woo Hooo.... After taking my eye medicine 4x a day for seven days I can see clearly again.

Today we took Wee Man to the ENT (Ears Nose Throat) Specialist to see if we can figure out what is going on with him. Ever since we moved to this state three years ago, Wee Man has had reoccurring ear infections every two-three months... Almost all have been bilateral, always quick onset and very painful...

Diagnosis is...... No clue....

"Well, his nose is beautiful.... no really his nose looks great." Dr. E explained after looking up Wee Man's nose.

"Hmmm" *smile* "Thanks..?.." I reply

"Looks like his Eustachian Tubes have a tendency to pull in more than normal, or suck like a vacuum" *holding up chart*

To which I just nod and stare clueless at Dr. E. He then went on to explain that most likely it's not allergies but rather the common cold that is causing all of Wee Man's ear infections... Since we are PCSing to a new base in June we decided to just see if that helps. (ie.. hope a different climate helps)

SO.... His Eustachian Tubes are unable to effectively regulate air pressure thus causing ear infections when he comes in contact with sick kids at school the common cold virus. I guess Wee Man really can claim that going to school makes him sick.. hehee

Anyone else have a child with ear issues?


  1. Blaze doesn't get a lot of infections but he has a ton of ear drainage and has to ahve them cleaned out all the time. It is awfully painful for him too. I hate to see any little one hurt and I hope your little one will feel better when you move.

  2. I'm glad your eye is better! So far my kids have pretty healthy ears - and I hope it stays that way!

  3. Oh man, fingers crossed the move will make it better. No fun being sick :(.

    Thankfully no ear problems here, but many of my friends have had to do tubes.

    Prayers for him!

  4. Yikes, your eye thing sounds horrible! Glad you're improving!
    Poor Wee Man! Fingers crossed the new climate helps!

  5. Yes, Maam! My ex girl friend's 2 children both had ear broblems! Her oldest had tubes and her youngest was looking like her was prob going to get them. I got to see the little one have alot of ear infections! Hope all is ok with your little one!