Monday, April 5, 2010

It's all a bit crazy

Due to all the missed days of school from snowmageddon the school was open on Wednesday and Thursday as make up days.... Sounds great until it's 0230 in the morning on Thursday and you hear your child whimpering and crying in pain...

Yes.... it was as feared.... Another Ear Infection!!!

Early morning call into the doctors and we had a 1030 appointment. Which is just early enough I can't send Wee Man to school and just late enough that if we don't get out on time he misses school. *sigh*

They were running late so we waited... and waited...

The diagnosis..... One and a half ears infected.... When Wee Man gets an ear infection he goes all out. Seeing as how he never had any until we moved here and now her gets them just about every two to three months it is now a problem...

Next week we are off to the ENT specialist to see if we can figure out what is the underlying problem or to talk about tubes...

Needless, to say I have been busy playing with the kids so I have not been on the computer much. I really need to fix my laptop or see about getting a new one; so that I can use it more.


  1. Poor Wee Man! Here's hoping this is his last ear infection for a LONG time. Maybe moving will help, if he never got them before you moved to your current home?

  2. Oooh. Poor guy! I hope he feels better quickly! What a rough go of it :-(

  3. ouch! so sorry for Wee Man! Hope he feels better!

  4. I hope Wee Man gets better soon. Take care!

  5. Sorry your not feeling well, glad to hear Wee Man is better.

  6. Poor guy! He, LiL Kiwi AND you cant seem to get a break! I'm so sorry!