Saturday, April 17, 2010

LIVID!!!! Does not even begin

to describe how PISSED I am... Seriously, there are soooo many things I wish I could blog about but do not. We try to not post about how crazy it is living on this street with the WACKOS that we call neighbors... However..... after living here for three years and dealing with them everyday I am done... Thank goodness we are moving...

Before I get into what happened... *deep deep DEEP breath*  Let me give you an idea of what it has been like...

Four kids... their ages now are 4,5,6 and 9... It has been like this since we moved here three years ago (ie starting ages of 1,2,3 and 6). They are always outside playing without ANY supervision adult or otherwise... Several times the youngest ones have almost been hit by cars because they don't look... They will open your front door and walk right in (never this house because I always lock it)... They will open your car doors to "help" you out and them "in"... The cops were called when the now 5 year old was 4 and was standing and jumping on top of their minivan (once again no supervision)... They scream.. push kids off bikes or toys and take them... In fact, one tried to run over Lil Kiwi with her bike but I took the hit and then chewed her out... Not five minutes later she ran into Wee Man as he got off the school bus and I had to chew her out again... The 9 year old picks on Wee Man. This is the tame stuff... So... you get the picture.... One of the adults doesn't care what the kids do and the other one sometimes encourages it..

Oh and I have tried to talk to the kids and explain to them right and wrong.. They don't care either..

Well, yesterday.... OH yesterday was the last straw... We were getting ready to run to the store and the door bell rang and rang and rang... DH opened the door and told the 5 year old to please stop pushing the doorbell and that we were leaving so please leave... Ten minutes later we go outside and see this...
OOOO my mom can tell you how I dislike these particular neighbors... However, it's not like we have a choice and we are civil with them... The gloves are off now... I'm taking it to the mattresses... No longer will I take this bullpoop... We have complained before but nothing was done... For two years we have asked to be moved to a different house on base but there was always some excuse...

DH already went next door to talk to them about paying for it but the husband is TDY and will be back Sunday. The wife already knew which kid was to blame without DH telling her... Perhaps because this is what their minivan looks like...

Anyway. She said they will pay to fix it and that they are responsible however, I don't think the husband will be as understanding... I hope he will be but *sigh* he is the one that would say something like "kids will be kids"... If he does fight this we are trying to figure out what to do. We already plan to report it to the MP and housing but that doesn't mean much... Not trying to cause problems but honestly what the POO!!! At my wits end here people...

What would you do?


  1. That is COMPLETELY unacceptable. COMPLETELY. I'd pursue getting that fixed by them, if it were me. I'm so sorry you're dealing with that! Good luck!

  2. My sister has similar problems at her base housing, although I don't think keying cars has happened. I hope they pay to fix it.

    My car got scratched last week by a lady parking at the Children's Museum in what wasn't even a spot (which is why she was so close to my car). She got out, looked at the scratch briefly, and ran into the museum before I could chase her down (we watched her park from the picnic table we were eating lunch at).

  3. Sorry you are going through this. Some people just do not care, as far as the kids it is just being lazy as a parent to let your kids run wild. I raised 4 kids too and they do stupid things but you have to be responsible. Have you tried social services?? I know being on base like that can be hard.My daughter and family were stationed at Camp Pendleton. She had kind of the same thing except it was the adults(women) harrassing her, when her hubby was in Iraq. They decided to talk real loud about her to the point that she would not even sit outside. I think that they didn't like her because she isn't a gossip and didn't join their little group. Hang in there and pursue whatever you have to. Get estimates and give them to the people and see what happens.. Hope all goes well...

  4. Actually, from my understanding, you can get them into a lot of trouble by going to his commanding officer. The military does not like to get a bad rap, even if it's the family of their service men and women.

  5. Ahh.. I do not miss being an army wife and my heart is with you. I would have called the MP's and made a formal complaint. I hope you get moved to another location soon. Be brave-it could always be worse.

  6. UGH!! I am angry along with you! That is ridiculous!! A 5 yr old did that?! 5?!! I really hope they pay for it like they should. And hopefully your complaint will make a difference too. That is insane! I am so sorry! Keep us posted! And YES, thank goodness you are leaving soon!

  7. OMIGOD! That is awful. Thank HEAVENS that you are moving. I hope you have wonderful, kind and NORMAL neighbors in your new 'hood.

  8. I hope you called the police and also your car insurance company...they need to be aware & be ready for a battle if your neighbors refuse to pay...that's when your insurance company can go to the mat for you!

  9. there would be blood shed over at our ;)