Sunday, April 18, 2010

What to do....

We are getting ready to move in about two months so we are cleaning out extra "stuff"... There is a ton of extra "stuff" for us to go through and that means figuring out what to do with it.
So, I started cleaning up the spare boxes and papers in the computer room. Was feeling good about it until I came upon a box of books and then another box of books... Imagine my complete joy horror when I found a few more boxes of books. These are a few of the boxes...
They are all in good to new condition and most have been read by me already. I plan on some marathon reading in the following weeks to finish the ones I haven't read. There are some I plan on keeping because I really like them but the others need to go.
Here is my question should I ......
  1. pack them up and Goodwill them
  2. give them away on my blog
  3. pack them up and hope DH doesn't notice
  4. other
Let me know your thoughts in the comments... If you pick other please let me know what you would do....


  1. If you want to keep them, pack them up and hope DH doesn't notice! LOL!
    Otherwise I'd say Goodwill or a used book store!

  2. 1st you can send me that Gena Showalter book that has fire on the cover, is it Playing With Fire, the original?

    2nd that copy of The Stone Prince is worth 50$ or more on ebay or

    I would do a giveaway it looks like you have some great books there!

  3. I'd probably do some combination of 1, 2, and 3...

  4. Ah! I have the same issue right now. We just packed up two GIANT boxes of books (probably the same volume of books you have here, shoved in one box, and I don't know what to do with them either! I've read every single one, so I'm okay with getting rid of them. I was thinking about donating them to my grandmother's retirement home.

    Goodwill is an option too.

    But then, giveaways are fun. Lol.

    Sorry, I'm no help.

  5. Goodwill is a good option. You could also resell them. You can resell them online. will list your used books for you. Just an idea. Good luck with the move.

  6. Donate them to your local library. They will either add them to their circulation or sell them to raise funds for the library. With all the budget cuts going on everywhere, the libraries are really being hit the hardest.

    The libraries will also take DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, audio tapes and magazines.

  7. Whenever I use to PCS I use to give all my book and Nat Geo Mags to the post library! Just another thought! Hope you and the fam have a great weekend!