Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Raining Cats & Dogs

Honestly.... It's been storming and raining here all week and last week... Heck it's been like this all summer..... What happened to the summer time..

The other day I was talking to my mom and where she lives it's been in the 100s!!!! They are breaking records left and right... Just the other day it 106.... OH and the average temperature there is 103 this summer.... Crazy how it is soooo hot there and they have no rain yet here it is cool and raining all the time...

It has rarely gotten to 85 this summer but OOOO has it been raining up a storm... Just check my
pictures from last week out and you see what we are dealing with.. Or just take a look at this...

This was taken this afternoon during the heaviest part of the storm... There was a lot of thunder yesterday but no rain... At least not until nightfall.... However, by morning it was damp but nothing to worry about...

Do you notice anything odd with that picture? Perhaps something that is missing.... How about if I show you two other pictures... Then maybe you will see what is missing in that first picture....

Need help? The first picture is of my street during the rain and the second is of my street after the rain (hard to believe it's that dry after isn't it but the sun comes out and bam doesn't even look like it rained) .... So did you figure out what is missing in the pictures... Yep... That is correct my friends... THE STREET is missing.... It was raining sooo hard that the water went up and over the curb right into the grass... Small children could have been washed away... Perhaps even some cats and dogs...

Good thing we have a canoe... All I need now are some paddles... *wink*


  1. Wow. You take really great pics...

    Atleast you HAVE a canoe.

  2. Hi! Just came over to congratulate you on stealing....ummmm....I mean winning the Tropical Traditions contest. Nice blog!


  3. I even just signed up for your email newsletter. See I don't hate you! (too much!)


  4. Awww Pamela I am glad you don't hate me (much)... It was fun facing off against you and your sons light saber... But I also felt sooo happy to win and sooooo sad that you didn't... I still think they should have sent us both a jar for the wrestling match..

  5. Wow, maybe you should get the kayak out!

    It's been the same kind of weather here in Chicagoland, cool temps, lots of storms, no hot days...

    We keep hoping summer will kick into gear, it's so bad that the local crops are affected. I went to the farmers market on Saturday and could not find even one ripe tomato...corn is expensive, but the lettuce is doing like this type of weather.

    Anyhow, I'm just glad it's not snowing or 20 below.

  6. Here too!!! lots of rain and BIG thunder!!!