Thursday, August 13, 2009

La De Freaking Da

I'm not even sure where to start..... Do I start by screaming how much I dislike my insurance company (and no I can't change it )... Or how worried I am about what we may or may not find out about Lil Kiwi... Or about how some people are just plain idiotic at times... Yes, this might be a rage filled rambling ranting vent... Yes, it will have misspelling, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences... Just thought I should warn you in advance...

When I was pregnant with Lil Kiwi it was discovered that she was missing a kidney, had a Single umbilical artery (SUA), and seemed quite happy to be born sunny side up (thankfully she decided not to moon the Drs. and turned the last few weeks)... This all meant that I was getting ultrasounds left and right and getting appointments with specialist so that we would know what was going to happen IF there was a problem at birth... Twice I was placed on monitors because her heart beat was "odd" and they just wanted to be sure she was fine... On my due date I was once again placed on the monitor and they decided to induce because she was stressed... She was out in 3 pushes and then we knew why she was stressed... The SUA cord was three times the normal length and was wrapped around her neck TWICE.... Lil Kiwi told the Dr just what she though of the situation by peeing on her.. LOL

Continuing... So, yada yada yada more appointments... Find more medical issues... Surgery for her grade 5 urinary reflux... You should remember all about that and if not please feel free to read tushie cocktail , the awakening , the thing in room 13 , home sweet home because it was quite entertaining and the pictures from WW Silly Kiwi are priceless.. That brings us up to this month... I had an appointment for her VCUG to make sure the surgery worked and they called a week before to tell me the Dr was going on vacation and I would have to reschedule.. They only do this test on Tuesdays and the next available one was September so I would have to wait until then... I explained that I had this appointment for two months and NOW they call to cancel and that I can not do September because the test has to be done within so many weeks of the surgery... They called the Dr and she told them she would come in on Weds 12 to do it... Score... Or so I thought...

Tuesday 11 I get a call asking if I had all the correct papers for the VCUG... Of course I did... Then they said oh not those papers these papers... Huh what? They never needed anything before... It's a new office policy... Great... So, from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon I was on the phone with three offices and my insurance company... None of them could do this or that or had no clue what I was talking about... Then from piecing together all the details I was getting I finally figured out the problem... That "NEW POLICY" wasn't a policy... They were bought out and the new owners don't take my insurance... ARGGHHH If the girl would have just SAID that the first time; I wouldn't have wasted all the time... So, now I was calling around trying to find a place (that take my insurance) that could do the tests this week or next week because they have to be done no later than next week... I had to use my magic and now have an appointment for next Thursday... Thank goodness

So, I had to cancel two appointments and reschedule them for after the test is done... Now, I have a Dr appointment Monday, Lil Kiwi was one on Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday, Wee Man has one the following Monday, and then we have school meetings and school starts... I'm stressing big time and now DH is going to be gone all September... Plus, we just found out that Lil Kiwi might have even more medical issues... Thus, all the appointments.... I won't even get started on how Target messed up my prescription and then got all mad at me... Or how it's been raining cats and dogs almost everyday... On top of allllll this; we just found out that our cousin had a baby girl last week and that she has medical issues and will be having 3-4 surgeries before she is 6 months old... Honestly, it's all I can do to not pack up and go hide in the mountains for a week or two...

Wow, I needed that ramble... I'm sorry because it probably doesn't make sense but I just needed to get it out of my system... You know what... I do feel better... Thank you to those that understand and gave me warm thoughts and hugs (I really needed them)


  1. I am so frustrated for you!! I hope that this will be the last of the chaos, at least for a while. Prayers for you guys, and your cousin's little one as well.

  2. And hey, a vacation wouldn't hurt!! =)

  3. How frustrating and stressful!Hopefully the appointments next week go okay and you get some answers on Lil Kiwi's medical issues.

    Sending warm thoughts and virtual hugs your way...

  4. Darlin', I am saying prayers for you right now. That is just maddening! I really wish I could take it all away for you! Lots and lots of hugs...

  5. I cannot imagine how stressful and hard this all must have been and still is. It breaks my heart when sweet little ones, like your Lil' Kiwi, are in pain. I hope that things look up soon. ((hugs))

  6. I found your blog through momdot..I'm the wife of a retired Marine and happened to be clicking around..I have added you and your family to my prayers and I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you all will be ok..It is so frustrating dealing with the insurance and the medical world that may or may not take it...I have a few stories of my own..But you are on track by staying on top of it all..I wished I could say it will get easier but about the time you get it all figured out or think it is on track then something else changes..Just keep that chin up!