Saturday, October 17, 2009

Third times a charm? and what happened to an apple a day...

Why oh why.... Just when we think Wee Man isn't sick any more we end up at the doctors again... This is the THIRD time in ONE week...

So, like I explained in my post last saturday we spent Friday at the doctors office and seemed fine during the weekend.. Then on Sunday he suddenly started coughing more and started getting a fever again... Monday we were back at a different doctors office since our normal one was closed... Once again no medicine to give him but just what we were doing before...

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nothing... No fever... No major coughing... No complaining...

Out of no where around 9:00 in the morning on Friday (school was closed) Wee Man tells me his ear hurt... So, I looked as best I could... Picture Wee Man on the stool... Me standing with a flashlight in my mouth... hands holding his head and ear... trying to look into his ear.... all the while with Lil Kiwi pulling on my pants.... jumping on my leg... It was a sight to see...

I thought I saw some red and decide to call and see if by some miracle they have an opening for Wee Man... Of course they don't but offer to let me talk to a nurse.. Bah.... By this time Wee Man is almost screaming in pain and had tears down his face...

She tells me the normal yada yada and then I explain that he had already been twice to doctors this week and suddenly she tells me they will see what they can do.... A few hours later I get the call that they can fit Wee Man in... So, I don't have to spend all day at the emergency first come first serve doctor office..

They say he is the perfect example of an ear infection that can happen in hours... Great.... So, now he has to take medicine (two types) for two weeks.. Plus, since it is so bad of an infection she said most likely it will burst... Bah...

Fun times.... Fun times....


  1. Poor Wee Man! Sometimes I think the worst part of having kids is when they're sick! They're so pitiful and you feel so bad for them and you also just wish they'd get well so your life would be a little easier! Hope everyone gets healthy and stays healthy ASAP! Long-distance hug!!

  2. Poor Wee Man - and poor you! I hope it doesn't burst and that he starts feeling better very soon!

  3. oh man that SUCKS. I'm so sorry to hear that :-(. I hope he's on the mend soon and let's keep our fingers crossed that nothing ruptures.

  4. That is so frustrating! I'm so sorry!
    My daughter Brooke has that happen to her frequently. And I hate hearing (every time) her dr say that it can come on that fast... It's scary!
    Hope Wee Man feels better soon! =(

  5. the worst part of winter--sick kids. looks like you're getting an early start :( Maybe it will end quicker :)

  6. Poor kid! I sure hope the medicine kicks in fast and gets him feeling all better soon. Nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your kids in pain. ((HUGS))

  7. Oh, I do hope he is feeling better soon! Ear infections are nasty -- Mac gets them at least once each winter. And he's one that doesn't show symptoms until he has a full fledged raging infection -- and the doctor is like why didn't you bring him in sooner -- well, I had no clue sooner -- ugh!

  8. Poor wee lad. I'm so sorry to hear that. I've just picked a sick kid up from school; with this never end??

  9. Oh my gosh, I didn't know they could accelerate to that point so quickly. Poor little guy!