Saturday, December 5, 2009

I have a ton of things to do but...

I just finished downloading all the photos to the computer.. Whew!

As soon as I have time I will update everyone on the last two weeks...

First, let's play a game...

It's call Guess What It Is...


Start Guessing...

No.. It is not a picture showing how dirty my walls are.. (although that is what the front door looks like)

Need a better hint... How about now.. Any Guesses?

Still not sure.... Okay... Okay... Last one....


We had already had snow this year but it was just enough to fall and melt... This snow just started and is sticking... They say it should continue to snow until tonight...


  1. That looks beautiful! If only the snow could come without the COLD temps! I hate the cold. It is close to freezing temps at night here right now and not warming too much in the daytime (cold front) and I HATE it! LOL!

  2. Ooh, I'm a bit jealous, although I'm sure we'll get more than enough snow soon enough...

  3. We had a little bit laying this morning. We are in Georgia and I love snow. We used to have snow every year when I was a kid but haven't had real snow in a while. I miss it. We moved to Wyoming in 2002-03 and I loved it! We had so much snow out there.

  4. We're having our first sticky snow today too! I'm a little excited, to be honest. My hubs is really excited about taking our son out sledding tomorrow!

  5. wow! we had a lil dusting here in IN yesterday and thats been it but DANG! its cold!!!

  6. I am jealous. We are SO close to snow, but none yet. We've had some frost, but not any heavy snow. However, they are predicting we'll have a white Christmas. I hope we do. It usually snows good here yearly, but not when everyone wants it to. lol

  7. awesome! my 3yo saw this and wanted to make a snowman! Did you guys get enough to make one??

    it started snowing at my mom's house in the NC mountains as we were LEAVING from Thanksgiving... it was a rain/snow mix - but the kids were still wishing it would snow at our house.

    This morning, we have bright sunshine and lots of frost!

  8. It's beautiful! We got just a sprinkling but it melted off today.

  9. I love snow! I totally miss out living in Southern California lol