Friday, December 4, 2009

They want us to move

Okay... I need to update you all with what we have been doing the past few weeks... However, first I have to download some photos on the computer to go along with the update... Will try to do that this weekend (if not today)...

There is new news.. Is that even a correct sentence? new news... hmmm anyway

In the military you never know when you might have to move.... Last time we were told it would be BFE Egypt but since there are no medical facilities that could take care of Lil Kiwi we ended up not going... Of course it wasn't that simple and there was a lot of stuff that was done to keep us here...

We have been trying to get closer to home because family is there for both of us... Plus, in light of recent events with Grandma and Grandpa Shenanigans, it would be nice to be closer to all family... However, the military doesn't work that way... They offered us a position farther North than we are now; which was actually just the next base up and only an hour away... DH declined the offer from command and told them he would rather stay here than move on hour north to a different state...

There are a ton of excuses why they won't move us... The last one was yada yada have to be on this post for 49 months before you can leave due to XYZ regulation... Well, no one has been able to find said regulation and for those trying to figure out the math that is four years and one month...

So, imagine our surprise when we can down on orders yesterday... Huh? What? WHERE?

They have us going to a base that IS closer to home.... That would be nice... However, the closest medical facility for Lil Kiwi would be hours away... HOURS...

We have people looking into it to make sure if we have to go there that Lil Kiwi will have the treatment she needs... BAH Why is it never simple...

Hmmm I intended this to be more a hey guess what post but it turned more into a what the heck rant... I apologize for the rant... I'm sleepy... cranky... worn out.... and I haven't had my C-O-F-F-E-E yet...


  1. That is definitely a topsy-turvy piece of news. Hope things get sorted out so you'll know how to feel about it.

  2. Hoping they find something for you that is closer to home and closer to help for Lil Kiwi...

  3. I'm glad you're going closer to home but I really, really hope the medical thing is ok.

  4. Being closer to home would be wonderful, but the drive for Lil Kiwi's medical needs would be tough... Prayers that all will work out for the best! Hang in there and go get that coffee mama!

  5. one of those things i hate, moving and moving and moving. well, im sure things will work out with you guys.

    btw, you have a beautiful family;)

    actually, just blogwalking...and am glad to have come across your site. come visit mine anytime
    earthy me
    life round me N you
    hope you like them enough to exch links ;)

  6. oh dear, I hope this work out for the best.

  7. I had no idea your husband is in the military. I cannot imagine being moved to Egypt! Yowza. That is really, really far away.

    I am so happy that you all are being moved to a base closer to home. Medical facilities beings hours away is not good, but it sounds like that is being looked into. I hope it all works out.