Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa is that you?

Every year, on Christmas Eve, Santa visits little boys and girls around the world. When he does this he always takes his sled and reindeer; however, it's a little known fact that Santa always wanted to be a firefighter.

So, every year before he takes his sled and reindeer out for Christmas Eve he stops by and hangs out with his favorite military firefighters. Santa gets to ride around in the fire trucks and they get to help spread Christmas joy to all the families on base....

What? You don't believe me!? Just take a look at what Wee Man and Lil Kiwi got to see Tuesday night.

Santa living his dream and some lucky military members riding along...

That's Wee Man telling Santa how good (cough cough) he was this year and what he wants for Christmas...

Lil Kiwi waved and gave Santa a kiss when he was still on the fire truck but as soon as Santa asked if she wanted to sit on his lap it was a whole different story.... Lil Kiwi went into Danger Stranger mode. Which she goes into a lot after her surgery and who can blame her. She is getting much better though and is really making progress.

Tomorrow we are baking cookies for Santa because he reminded them to make sure to leave him cookies and milk... OH and the carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeer too... Thanks for the reminders Santa.

On a side note when Santa did this last year it was in the low teens and windy... Santa and the military members with him that night went above and beyond.. brrrrrr


  1. How fun!! Enjoy making cookies for Santa!!

  2. I love the look on Wee Man's face as he chats with Santa.

    Merry Christmas, Brooke!

  3. So cute:) My 2 1/2 year old is going through HORRIBLE seperation anxiety now!! Weird!

    Anywho, have a Merry Christmas!!

    Noelle ♥

  4. This looks like fun!

    I haven't even tried to get my kids to sit with Santa, they have stranger danger issues without surgery...

  5. Santa drives by our house too but lucky you he stops! He just drives on bye waving while we run out in our bare feet and robes for a glimpse of dear old Saint Nick.